Ido-English Dictionary : M

ma: (conj.) but. — FIS

macedoni-o: macedoine: a dish consisting of a medley of fruit and vegetables; (fig.) medley, hodgepodge. — EFIS

macer-ar: (tr., intr.) to macerate: soften by steeping. — DEFIS

«macfarlane»: macfarlane: a kind of overcoat without sleeves and with a mantle.

«mackintosh»: mackintosh: a watertight overcoat.

«madapolam»: (fabric) madapollam.

madelen-o: madeline: a small rich cake. — DEFIS

madon-o: madonna: a picture or statue of the Virgin Mary. — DEFIRS

«madras»: bandana handkerchief.

madrepor-o: madrepore, stony coral (genus: Madrepora). — DEFIS

madrigal-o: madrigal: a part-song or glee; a little amorous poem. — DEFIRS

maestr-o, -ulo, -ino: maestro: a teacher of eminence, or one eminently skilled in some art or science; -verko: master-piece. — DEFIRS

mag-o, -i: (biblical) magian, magi. — DEFIS

magazin-o: (com.) warehouse, storehouse; (nav.) storeroom; (milit.) magazine. — DEFIR

magi-ar: (intr.) to practise magic; -ala kanto, dicajo: incantation (cf. eskamotar, sorcar, divinar, nekromanciar). — DEFIS

magnat-o: magnate: a nobleman of Poland or Hungary. — DEFIRS

magnet-o: magnet; -o-petro: loadstone; -igar: to magnetize; -a agulo: magnetic needle; -eso: (property) magnetism. — DEFIRS

magnetiz-ar: (tr.) to mesmerize (ulu); -(ad)o: mesmerizing; animal magnetism; -ala: mesmeric (cf. hipnotar). — DEFIRS

magnez-o: (chem.) magnesium. — DEFIRS

magnezi-o: (chem.) magnesia: magnesium oxide. — DEFIRS

magnoli-o: (bot.) magnolia (-tree) (genus: Magnolia). — DEFIS

magr-a: lean, meager, lank, spare; (of things) poor, sorry, scant, meager; -(ul)o: a lean person; (la) -ajo: the lean (of meat); -igar, -eskar: to make, become lean; -ega, -acha: emaciated. Ex.: Magra Homo, vizajo, bovo, karno. (fig.) Magra burso, repasto, sulo, amuzo. Ant.: grasa. — DEFIS

mahagon-o: (wood) mahogany; -iero: m. tree; (Swietenia mahagoni); -a lito-framo: m. bedstead. — DEI

maiflor-o: (bot.) lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis). — D

maiz-o: maize: (U.S.) corn; (England) Indian corn; (Zea mays). — DEFRS

majest-o: majesty, supreme grandeur, august dignity, stateliness (cf. Sinioro, la rejo, e.c.); -oza: majestic; -o-lezo: lèse-majesté. — DEFIS

major-a: of full age; (mus.) major; -o, -ulo, -ino: one who has attained his majority; (mus. and logic) major; -eso: majority: legal age. Ant.: minora. — DEFIS

majoran-o: (bot.) (sweet) marjoram (Origanum Majorana). — DEFIS

majorat-o: majorat; (in France) landed property attached to a title and descending with it; entailed estate. — DEFIS

majordom-o: majordomo, head steward. — DEFIRS

majoritat-o: majority: more than half of a given number or group (cf. plu-mult-o). — DEFIS

makadam-o: macadam; -izar: to macadamize: cover a road with small broken stones. — DEFIRS

makak-o: (zool.) macaque: a genus (Macaca) of short-tailed monkeys. — DEFIS

makaron-o: macaroon: a kind of cake. — DEFR

makaroni-o: macaroni. — DEFIRS

makaronik-o: macaronic. Def.: Dicesas pri verki kompozita en Latino barbara e burleska; IV-394. — DEFIRS

maki-o: (zool.) maki (Lemur). — DEFIRS

Makiavel-ala, -atra, -ismo: machiavelli-an, -ism. — DEFIRS

makl-o: (min.) macle, chiastolite. — EFIS

makrel-o: (ichth.) mackeral (genus: Scomber). — DEFR

makronukle-o: (biol.) macronucleus.

makrospor-o: (bot.) macrospore, megaspore. — DEF

makrosporangi-o: (bot.) macrosporangium. — DEF

makul-o: (also fig.) macula: spot, blotch, stain; -izar: to blot, stain, daub, smear; -oza, -iz-ita: spotted, speckled; -et-izar: to spot, speckle, fleck; sen- -a: spotless; -ole, fango-mak-ulo: oil-, mud-stain; kavalo kun ronda -i: dappled horse; -o sur lua honoro, sur la bona reputo: stain, blot upon his hono(u)r, reputation. — DEFIS

makulatur-o: (print.) maculature: waste or spoiled paper. — DEFIRS

mal-a: bad, evil, ill (quality, acts, writing, condition, weather, news, sense, etc.); -e: badly, wrongly, amiss, poorly; -ajo: (gen. sense) bad object, act, event; hardship, misfortune; mischief; plu -a: worse; plu-mal-igar: to make worse; la maxima malajo, lo maxim mala: the worst (thing); mal-agar, -facar: to act, do wrong, evil, mischief; mal-fac-ema: malevolent, mischievous; -augur-oza: inauspicious, sinister, unlucky; mala chanco: ill-luck, mischance; -chanc-oza: unlucky, unfortunate; -efik-anta: malevolent, malignant; male traktar: to maltreat, ill-use, abuse, bully; mal-fam-oza: ill-famed; mal-eduk-ita: badly brought up, ill-bred, unmannerly; mal-formac-ita: malformed, gawky, ill-shaped; mal-digesto: indigestion; mal-humor-oza: bad homo(u)red, ill-tempered; mal-intenc-anta, -oza: evil-minded, badly-disposed; mal-odoro: bad smell, stink; mala morto: tragic death, bad end; mal-pekt-ita: unkempt; mala pesto!: egad! plague on it! mal-vol-anta: malevolent, ill-disposed, spiteful; mal-vol-eg-anta: malignant. Ant.: bona. — EFIS

malad-a: sick, ill (person); -eta, -ema: poorly, sickly, somewhat unwell, ailing, indisposed; -(ul)o: a sick person; -eso: (condition) illness, sickness (cf. morbo); -et-eso: indisposition; igar malad-eta: to indispose. V. exp.: vid. morbo. Ant.: sana. — EFI

malakit-o: (min.) malachite. — DEFIRS

malari-o: (med.) malaria. — DEFIRS

maldicens-ar: (intr., tr.) to speak ill (pri ulo), to disparage, decry (ulu, ulo) (cf. denigrar, difamar, kalumniar). Def.: Dicar malajo pri ulu, ulo, pro mala intenco. V. exp.: La civila lego punisas la difamo, na la maldicenso; ica resortisas nur a la etikal lego. — FIS

male-ar: (tr.) to cold-forge. Def.: Formizar per martelo (en kolda stando). V. exp.: Forjar esas la sama ago, en varma stando. Martel-agar esas nejusta o nesuficanta, nam on povas martel-agar irga kozo, sen malear ol; la kozo povas rezistar, o ruptesar, o deformesar altramaniere; V-493. — EFIS

maledik-ar: (tr.) to curse, imprecate, damn (ulu, ulo) (cf. blasfemar, imprekar); -o: malediction, curse. — DEFIS

maleol-o: (anat.) malleolus: ankle-bone, ankle. — EFIS

malgre: (prep.) in spite of, despite, notwithstanding, against the will of; -ke: (conj.) notwithstanding that (followed by verb; cf. tamen); - sua volo: against one’s will; -to: in spite of that, nevertheless; ni iris malgre la pluvo: we went notwithstanding the rain; ni iris malgre ke il interdiktis lo: we went notwithstanding he forbade it; el mariajis su kun il malgre sua matro: she married him contrary to her mother’s wish. — FI

mali-o: a mallet or mall used in play; -o-ludo: mall (a game); -o-placo: a place for playing mall. — EFIS

malic-o: malice, spite; mischievousness; smartness; -oza, -ema: malicious, spiteful, mischievous; -ajo: malicious or mischievous act. N.B. The sense of this word is by no means always «malice». It is something between evil intention and keen wit with a tinge of each in it, sometimes having more of the one, sometimes more of the other. — EF

malign-o: malicious, pernicious, evil, ill-disposed, malign, baleful. (N.B. Maligna is used in a somewhat less strong sense than the E. «malignant»; and properly means: disposed to take pleasure in the misfortune or suffering of others; malign-ega, mal-vol-eg-anta); -a muliero: a malicious woman; -a spirito: an evil spirit; -a tomoro: a malignant tumo(u)r. — EFIS

malt-o: malt. — DEFIS

Malta-kruco: Maltese cross.

malv-o: (bot.) mallow (genus: Malva); -ea: mauve-colo(u)red. — DEFIRS

malvaroz-o: (bot.) rose-mallow, hollyhock (Althaea rosea). — IS

malvavisk-o: (bot.) marshmallow (Althaea officinalis). — IS

malyot-o: bathing-tights, -dress (tights as for acrobats, cf. kalz-ego).

mam-o: breast (of woman); udder (of animal); -oza: full-breasted; -ala: mammary; -atra: mammilary; -pinto: nipple, teat, dug (of animals). — EFI

mamifer-o: mammal; (class) mammalia. — EFIS

mamil-o: (anat.) mammilla: nipple (cf. mam-pinto).

mamut-o: mammoth. — DEFIRS

man-i: (antiq.) manes, ancestral spirits, shades. — DEFIRS

mana-o: manna. — DEFIRS

manch-o: (long) handle, hilt, haft; neck (of musical instr.); -o di balay-ilo: broom-stick; guvern-il-o: rudder, helm. — FIS

mandaren-o: mandarin. — DEFIRS

mandarin-o: mandarin orange; tangerine orange. — DEFIRS

mandat-o: money order (as P.O.; cf. cheko). — DFIRS

mandel-o: almond; -iero: a. tree (Prunus Amygdalus); -lakto: milk of a.; -atra okuli: a. eyed; -siropo: a. syrup, orgeat (cf. orjato). — DFIRS

mandibul-o: mandible; (zool.) either the upper or lower, part of the beak of a bird; (anat.) lower jaw (cf. maxilo); -ala: mandibular. — DEFIS

mandolin-o: (mus.) mandolin. — DEFIRS

mandor-o: (mus.) mandore: a kind of stringed lute. — DEFI

mandragor-o: (bot.) mandragora; European mandrake (Atropa mandragora). — EFIS

mandrel-o: (tech.) mandril, mandrel. Def.: Utensilo por kurvigar plaki, dilatar tubi, e.c.; IV-336. — EFIS

mandrin-o: (tech.) drill-chuck. — FIS

manej-o: manege: riding-school; -academy. — DEFIRS

manekin-o: manikin, lay figure, dummy. Def.: Figuro imitanta la formo di homo o di animalo; ofte artikizita; III-327. — DEFRS

manet-o: (tech.) hand-lever, movable handle or knob. — FI

mang-o: (fruit) mango; -iero: mango tree (Mangifera). — DEFIS

mangan-o: (min.) manganese. — DEFIRS

mangl-o: (fruit) mangrove; -iero: mangrove tree (Rhizophora Mangle). — DEFIS

mangust-o: (zool.) mongoose (Herpestes). — DEFIS

mani-o: mania, monomania: derangement of the mind especially upon a single subject; -eto: hobby, fancy; -ika, -oza; -iko, -ozo: maniac(al) (cf. monomani-iko). Ex.: Il havas mani(et)o skribar, kompozar. Mani(et)o pri kultivado di tulipi. — DEFIRS

manier-o: manner, way of doing anything; or acting; method; mannerism; (pl.) behavio(u)r, deportment (cf. kustumo, modo); omna laboristo laboras segun sua maniero: every workman has his own way of doing a thing; parol- (od, -modo) mode, manner of speech; il havas tre agreabla manieri: he has very pleasing manners. — DEFIRS

manifest-ar: (tr.) to manifest, make to appear, make known; -a: manifest, no longer concealed (cf. evidenta, vid-ebla, notora, publika). Ex.: Deo manifestas su per sua laboruri. Manifesta eroro. — DEFIRS

manik-o: sleeve (of a garment, or any sleeve-like object); -o buf-anta: puffed or bulging s.; sur- -o: over-s., s. guard. — FIS

manikeism-o*: Manichaeism.

manikur-ar: (tr.) (2001) to manicure. — DEFIRS

maniok-o: (bot.) manioc, manihot, cassava (genus: Manihot). — DEFIS

manipl-o: (Rom. antiq., eccl.) maniple. — DEFIRS

manipul-ar: (tr.) to manipulate; to treat, work or operate with the hand. — DEFIRS

manipulator-o: sounding-key; apparatus used to send messages (telegraphic, etc.) by breaks in the current. — EFIRS

manivel-o: crooked handle, crank; -e plear ario: to grind out a tune (as on a hand organ); -arboro: crank-shaft; -drilo: breast-drill. — FIS

manjar: (tr.) to eat: chew and swallow; (fig.) to eat away; consume; -etar: to nibble, to eat little; -o, -ado: a meal, eating; -ajo: something eaten or to be eaten; food, victuals (cf. nutr-iva, disho); -il-aro: eating utensils; -eg-ero: glutton; -o-trogo: manger, crib, eating tough; -eyo, -o-chambro: eating place, dining chamber, refectory; -o-sako: nosebag (for horses). — FIS

mank-ar: to be lacking, wanting, missing (cf. indijar); -o: want, lack, absence, deficiency, shortcoming, need; to mankas a me: I miss it (lit.) that is missing to me; manko di respekto, di pekunio: lack of respect, of money; mankas multa libri (od, multa libri mankas): many books are missing. — FIS

manometr-o: manometer: a pressure or vacuum gauge; steam gauge. — DEFIRS

manot-o: handcuff; -izar, -ligar: to handcuff. — FIS

manovr-ar: (tr., intr.) to maneuver (manœuvre) (troops, ships); (fig.) to manage, or bring about, with skill (an affair, etc.). — DEFIRS

mansard-o: garret; story or room under a sloping roof (cf. atiko). — DFIR

manshet-o: cuff (detachable or not, of shirts, gowns) (cf. ponyeto, paramento). Def.: Parto (ordinare starchita) qua finis maniko di kamizo e cirkondas la karpo; VI-245. — DFIR

mante-ar: (tr.) to toss (ulu) in a blanket. — S

(garment) mantle, cloak; (arch.) mantel (as over a fire-place); -eto: short cloak; (R.C. ch.) mantelletta; -sako: portmanteau; clothes-bag (cf. valizo). — DEFIRS

manten-ar: (tr.) to keep fast, hold fast, sustain (in a state of stability); -ar karpenturo per fero: to uphold timberwork with iron; to maintain, preserve: keep in the same state; -ar ordino, familio: to maintain order, a family; la -o di la legi: the maintaining of the laws. Def.: Tenar en la sama pozeso o stando; VI-51. — EFIS

mantili-o: mantilla. — DEFIRS

mantis-o: the decimal part of a logarithm.

manu-o: hand; -ala: manual; -laboro: hand (or, manual) labo(u)r; -libro: hand-book, manual: -skrib-ita: hand-written (cf. manuskripto); -agar: (tr.) to handle, wield; (fig.) to manage; -ag-ebla: which can be handled, workable; (fig.) manageable; -fabrikar: (tr.) to make (ulo) by hand (cf. fabrikar); -edo: handful; -edope: by handfuls; -frapo: blow, cuff, thump; -dorso: back of hand; -preso: hand-pressure; handshake; -veturo: hand-truck, barrow; -vish-ilo: hand-towel; -apog-ilo: hand-rest; -sako: hand-bag, reticule. — EFIS

manufaktur-o: (establ.) manufactory, factory (cf. fabrik-erio); -ala: relating to factories; -isto, -estro: manufacturer; oza: full of factories. — DEFRS

manuskript-o: manuscript. — DEFIRS

manzanil-o: (bot.) manchineel (-tree) (Hippomane mancinella.). — DEFIS

map-o: map; reliefa -o: relief map. — E

mar-o: sea (cf. oceano); -a, -ala: of or relating to the sea, marine, maritime (cf. nav-ala); -isto: seaman, sailor; -o meza (od, plena): main sea, high sea; -portuo: sea-port; -ala nauzeo: sea-sickness; -kolo, stret-ajo: arm of the sea, strait; -fish-aro: sea-fish; -o-aglo: (orni.) white-tailed sea-eagle (Haliaetus albicilla); -hundo: (mam.) seal (Phoca); -o-spumo: sea-foam; (fig.) meerschaum; -o-spuma pipo: meerschaum pipe. — DEFIRS

marabut-o: Marabout. Def.: Mohamedista kleriko od ermito; VII-280. — DEFIRS

maraskin-o: maraschino: a kind of liquor. — DEFIRS

marasm-o: (med.) marasmus: progressive emaciation. — DEFIRS

maraton-o: (2001) marathon. — DEFIRS

march-ar: (intr.) to walk, step, tread; (of soldiers) to march; -(ad)o: walk(ing), march(ing); -ar granda-paze: to stride; -o aceler-ata: forced-, quick-, hurried-march or walk; -o-modo, -maniero: way of walking, gait (cf. pazo); -anto, -ero: pedestrian, walker, marcher; -ario: march-music, -tune; -etar: to trip along (of children). Def.: Facar pazi, pozar alterne la pedi sur la sulo, irge qua esas la direciono o la skopo di ta ago (ne rezervata a la militala marcho, o la militala komandi); IV-464. — DEFIRS

marchand-ar: (tr.) to bargain for, beat down the price of, haggle about; -(ad)o: bargaining; il longa-tempe marchandis ta domo: he was a long time bargaining for that house. — F

marcipan-o: marzipan, marchpane: a kind of sweetmeat. — DEFIRS

mardi-o: Tuesday. — FIS

mare-o: tide, ebb and flow (cf. fluxo, refluxo); -ego: bore, eagre: rush of water up an estuary; wave caused by meeting of two tides. — FIS

mareograf-o: marigraph: tide-gauge register.

mareometr-o: tide-gauge.

margarin-o: (chem.) margarin; (com.) oleomargarine, artificial butter. — DEFIS

margrav-o: (title) margrave. — DEFIS

margrit-o: (bot.) marguerite, oxe-eye daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum); -eto: English daisy (Bellis perennis). — EF

maria-balno: (chem.) water-bath; (cook.) double-boiler. — DFIS

mariaj-ar: (tr.) to marry; legally unite in wedlock (by an official, priest, minister) (cf. spoz-igar, aliancar); la komonestro mariajis li: the mayor married them; -ar su: to get married (kun ulu); -o, -eso: marriage, matrimony, wedlock; -o leg-ala: civil marriage; -anto, -ero: person officiating at a marriage, match-maker; -ebla: marriageable; -at-ulo: married man, (nova) bridegroom; -festo: wedding, nuptials; -fest-anti, -gasti: wedding-party, -guests; -anunco: banns. V. exp.: L’ago mariajar implikas 3 personi; la homulo e la homino mariajata, e la legal (o religial) oficisto, qua mariajas (unionas) li. Do, segun rigoro, la verbo mariajar povas havar quale subjekto nur l’oficisto. Per extenso, on povas dicar ke la homulo e la homino mariajas su, pro ke lia volo esas ya la kauzo di la mariajo; II-726. La sacerdoto mariajas Maria e me. La patro di Maria grantis Maria a me kom spozino. Maria spozuligis me. Me spozinigis Maria, od, me mariajis me kun Maria. — EFI

marihuan-o: (2001) marijuana, marihuana (narcotic; ). — DEFIRS

marin-ar: (tr.) to marinate: to salt or pickle, as fish, and then preserve in oil or vinegar; -ajo: marinade (cf. sal-izar). — DEFIRS

marionet-o: (also fig.) marionette, puppet; filo- -o: dancing jack. — DEFIRS

marjin-o: margin (of book, of paper); (fig.) border, edge (of anything); not-izar en -o: to note or write in the margin. — DEFIS

«mark»: (money) mark; (weight) mark; an old weight: 8 oz. (ounces).

mark-o: mark: token by which anything is known; stamp; -izar: to mark; -ifar: to produce a mark, leave a trace; -o-signo: distinctive mark or sign (cf. indiko, signo, atesto); marko sur mutono, sur boko-tuko: mark on a sheep, on a napkin; doganala -o: stamp of the Customs. — DEFIRS

markez-(ul)o: marquis, -ino: marchioness. — DEFIRS

markot-ar: (tr., hort.) to layer: bend a shoot or branch to the ground and cover with earth so as to take root; -ajo: branch or shoot thus layered. — FI

marmelad-o: marmelade. — DEFIRS

marmit-o: pot (for boiling); porridge-pot. — FIS

marmor-o: marble; -a: of marble (statuo, e.c.); -ala, -atra: relating to marble; marble-like, marmoreal; -umar: to stain or vein like marble. — DEFIRS

marmot-o: (zool.) marmot (Arctomys Marmota); (U.S.) woodchuck, groundhog. — EFIS

marn-o: marl. — FI

marod-ar: (intr.) to maraud: rove in quest of plunder; (tr.) to plunder. — DEFRS

marokin-a, -o: morocco (leather). — DFIS

maron-o: (fruit) marron: horse-chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastanum); -ea, -bruna: chestnut-colo(u)red (cf. kastano). — EF

marquiz-o: marquee: a large field tent; an ornamental veranda or penthouse overhanging a balcony, window or door. — DEFIS

Mars-o: (myth., astron.) Mars.

marsh-o, -lando: marsh, morass, bog, fen, swamp. — E

marshal-o: marshal, field-marshal. — DEFIRS

marsuin-o: porpoise (Phocaena communis). — FIS

marsupial-o: (zool.) marsupial. — EFIS

mart-o: (month of) March. — DEFIRS

martel-o: hammer; -agar: to hammer (cf. malear); -ag-(ad)o: hammering; -ag-ebla: malleable; ligno- -o: mallet, pestle, beetle (cf. malio); vapor- -ego: steam-, forge-hammer. — FIS

martin-pesk-aro: (orni.) kingfisher (Alceda hispida) (cf. alcedo).

Martin-somero: St. Martin’s summer: warm, damp season in England and southern Europe from November to about Christmas.

martir-o, -ulo, -ino: (also fig.) martyr; -igar: martyrize (ulu). — DEFIS

martr-o: (zool.) marten (Mustela Martes). — DEFIS

marvel-o: wonder, marvel, prodigy. Def.: Ulo qua efikas astoneso od admiro per aparta beleso, grandeso o stranjeso, mem per superhomeso o supernatureso; II-19. — EFIS

mas-o: mass: body of matter cohering in one body, usually of considerable size (cf. amaso, bloko, turbo). — DEFIRS

masaj-ar: (tr.) to massage (ulu). — DEFIRS

masakr-ar: (tr.) to massacre. Def.: Mortigar un (od, plu generale) plura personi kruele o senbezone; III-698. — DEFIS

mash-o: mesh, link (as in knitting, etc.); -kuraso, -kuto, -tuniko: coat of mail. — DE

mashin-o: machine, engine; -i, -aro: engines, machinery; -isto: machinist: one who runs or constructs m.s; -ala: mechanical; relating to machinery (cf. makanik-ala); -agar: to use or operate a m.; -izar: to furnish m.s to; -ifar: to produce, make m.s; exploz -o: infernal machine; milit- -o: engine of war; sut- -o: sewing m.; vapor- -o: steam-engine; -skrib-ar: (tr.) to write with a m., to typewrite (ulo) (cf. skrib- -o, -isto, -ero: typist). — DEFIRS

mashinac-ar: (tr.) to machinate: plan or contrive in secret with evil purpose. — DEFIS

masiv-a: massive, bulky; -o: a large solid mass (as of masonry); a block (of flowers, trees, etc.); bulk (of a mountain or hill). — DEFIRS

mask-ar: (tr.) to mask (to cover the face with a mask, not travestiar); -ilo: a mask; -ita, -ito: masked (person); -o-festo, -it-aro: masquerade; -it-eso: (fig.) a disguise. — DEFIRS

maskaron-o: (arch.) carved or moulded face (or figure). V exp.: To ne esas masko, ma vizajo plu o min groteska, skultita; IV-336. — DFRS

maskul-a, -ala, -atra: male, masculine; -o: a male; -a genro: gender; -eso: masculinity. — DEFIS

masok-ism-o: (2001) masochism; -isto: masochist. — DEFIRS

mason-ar: (tr.) to do mason’s work on: to build (with stone, brick, etc.); to wall up, seal up (a door, etc.); -isto: mason, bricklayer. — EF

mast-o: mast; -eto: small m., spar, pole; ye mi-masto: at half-mast; -i, -aro: masts (of a ship, etc.); -izar: to put m.s on, in (a ship, etc.); -iz-ilo: sheer legs. — DEFRS

mastektomi-o: (2001) mastectomy. — DEFIRS

mastic-o: mastic: a resin from the mastic tree; any of the pasty cements, esp. putty; -izar: to putty. — DEFI

mastik-ar: (tr.) to chew, masticate; -ajo: something to chew; cud; -endo: (med.) masticatory; -achar: to munch. — EFIS

mastodont-o: mastodon. — DEFIRS

mastr-o: master: person having authority; -ino: mistress; -eso: mastery; su- -eso: self-mastery, self-control; sub- -o: foreman, overseer. — DEFIS

masturb-ar: (intr.) to masturbate.

mat-o: mat, matting (of straw or other materials). — DE

matador-o: matador. — DEFIRS

mate-o: (2001) mate: a South American holly (Ilex paraguayensis) whose leaves and shoots are used for making mate; an aromatic beverage used chiefly in South America. . — DEFIRS

matematik-o: mathematics. — DEFIRS

materi-o: (also fig. as of discourse, book, etc.) material, matter (out of which something is made); -ajo: material object, substance; -ala: material: relating to matter; -oza: substantial, not formal; -atra: material (analogous to); -al-isto, -ista: materialist(ic); -al-ismo: materialism; -al-eso: materiality; -o prima, kruda: raw material; -igar: to materialize: to make (a spirit) visible in or as a material form; -al-igar: to invest with material characteristics, to substantialize. — DEFIRS

matid-a: dull, hollow (of sound); mat(t), dead, dull, not shiny, glossy (of colo(u)rs, etc.). Ant.: sonora, bril-anta. — FS

matin-o: morning, forenoon: time from dawn to midday; -ala: m., f.; matutinal; ca- -e: on (or in) this m., f.; morga -o: tomorrow m., f.; (esas) fru-matine: (it was) early in the m. — EFIS

matlot-o: matelot: a kind of fish-stew; a kind of sailor’s dance, hornpipe. — F

matr-o: (formerly patrino) mother; -ala: maternal; -eto: little mother; (fig.) mamma; -eso: maternity: motherliness; -ala linguo: mother-tongue; -aquo: (chem.) mother-liquor; (archaic Ido) v. exp.: Matro esas la sentimental equivalanto di patrino; VI-535.

matrac-o: mattress. — DEFIR

matras-o: (chem., instr.) matrass. — EFIS

matriark-o: (lit. and fig.) matriarch; -eso: matriarchate.

matric-o: (tech.) matrix. — DEFIRS

matrikul-o: matricula: register in which names are entered consecutively, as for a hospital, prison, society, etc.; -eskar, -izar: to matricula. — DEFIRS

matron-o: matron. — DEFIRS

matur-a: (also fig.) ripe, mature: having become completely developed; -igar: to cause to ripen or come to maturity; -a frukti: ripe fruits; -a evo: mature age; -a abceso: ripe (suppurating) abcess; -a delibero: mature deliberation. — EFIS

matutin-o: (R.C. ch.) matins. Def.: «Ofico» di la matino; V-340. — EFIS

mauzole-o: mausoleum. — DEFIRS

maxil-o: maxilla: upper jaw bone (cf. mandibulo); -ala: maxillary. — EFI

maxim(e): (adv. of comparison) most; -a: highest; -o: maximum; -multo: the generality, majority, the most; -multe posible: the most possible; -granda posibla: the greatest possible; -bona: the best; -a sorgo: the greatest care; lu laboris maxime: he works most; la maxim granda asno ek la tri: the biggest ass of the three; -alta: highest; -a valoro: highest value; (fig.) highest price; -ala: relating to the maximum; -klara posible: as clear as possible, the clearest possible. Ant.: minim. — DEFIRS

may-o: (month) May. — DEFIRS

mayolik-o: majolica. — DEFIRS

mayonez-o: (cook.) mayonnaise (-sauce). — DEFIRS

mayor-o: (milit. title) major. — DEFIRS

mayuskul-o: capital or uncial letter, majuscule. Ant.: minuskulo. — DEFIS

maz-o: mace. Def.: Baston(ego) plu grosa ye un extremajo kam ye l’altra; ica servas kom mancho, e l’enesma havas nodi, o klovi o saliaji; II-709. La mazo moderna esas uzata quale ceremoniala insigno, ex.: en parlamento. — EFIS

mazurk-o: mazurka (dance and music). — DEFIRS

me: I, me; (acc. me, or in case of necessity men); -a, -i: (sing. and pl.) my, mine; la me-ajo e la tu-ajo: mine and thine. Ex.: Me amas mea frati. Vua servisti ne frequentas mei, e mei ne frequentas vui. — DEFIRS

meandr-o: (arch., Gr.) meander: a decorative border constructed from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated motif; Greek key design.

mecen-o: Maecenas; (fig.) patron of art and science. — DEFIRS

mech-o: wick (of lamp, of candle); tinder; (artil.) quick-match; -o-fusilo: match-lock. — FS

medali-o: medal. — DEFIRS

medalion-o: medallion; (fig.) locket. — DEFIRS

medi-o: (also nat. sciences) environment, surroundings; (of people) circle, set (cf. cirkum-aji); en la intelektala, etikala e sociala medio: in the intellectual, moral and social environment; -a: ambient, surrounding.

mediac-ar: (tr.) to mediate: to intervene, interpose between people or in something to harmonize or reconcile; -o: mediation, intervention; -anto, -ero: mediator; intermediate; agent; middleman, go-between; -anta: intermediate (cf. mediata). — DEFIS

median-a, -o: (geom., and fig. in zool., anat., bot.) median (middle), mesial. Def.: Rekto qua juntas somito di triangulo a la mezo dil latero opozita; VII-280. — DEFI

mediat-a: mediate: intermediate, not direct or immediate, indirect; -igar: to mediatize: to make intermediate, render mediate; -e: intermediately, indirect; ne- -a: immediate: without intervention of another object, cause or agency (cf. quik); -ajo: something intermediate, intermediary (object; cf. mediac-anto). — DEFIS

medicin-o: (art, profession) medicine (cf. medikamento); -ala: medical; -ist-o, -ulo, -ino: one who occupies himself with medicine, even theoretically (cf. mediko); -doktoro: doctor of m., -student(ul)o: student of m. — DEFIRS

medik-o, -ulo, -ino: physician, doctor; -ala: medical; -acho: quack. V. exp.: Per mediko on devas komprenar medicinisto praktikanta, kontre ke medicinisto (segun l’etimologio) esas irgu qua okupas su profesione pri medicino (mem nur teoriale). Profesoro di medicino, exemple, esas medicinisto, ma povas ne esar mediko. Kuracisto signifikas ta qua (profesione) kuracas, sive mediko, sive ne; VI-141. — DEFIS

medikament-o: medicine, medicament; -a, -ala, -atra: medicinal; -izar: to apply, give medicine to (ulu). — DEFIS

medit-ar: (tr., intr.) to meditate, think over, ponder (cf. projetar); Ex.: Meditar (pri) ula verajo, la paroli di evangelio-libri. Il pasas sua tempo en meditado. Meno meditema. — DEFIS

medium-o: (spiritistic) medium. — DEFIRS

medul-o: medulla: (bone) marrow; (of plants) pith. — EFIS

meduz-o: (zool.) medusa: jelly-fish, sea-nettle; Meduzo: (myth.) Medusa. — DEFIRS

Mefistofel-ala, -atra: Mephistophelean. — DEFI

mefit-o: mephitis: noxious or foul exhalation, especially from earth; (mines) choke-damp. — DEFIS

mega-: (2001) (prefix) mega- (million-fold). — DEFIRS

megafon-o: megaphone: (large) speaking trumpet. — DEFIRS

megalit-a: megalithic: consisting of large stone; -o: megalith (monument). — DEFIRS

megalomani-o: (2001) megalomania. — DEFIRS

megapol-o*: megapolis: gigantic city. — EF

megaspor-o: (bot.) megaspore. — DEFIS

megasporangi-o: (bot.) megasporangium. — DEFIS

megateri-o: (paleon.) megathere. — DEFIRS

meger-o: shrew, vixen, termagent. — DFI

mejis-ar: (tr.) to taw (skins). Def.: Specala maniero preparar la peli, precipue la mikra peli: mikra bovyuno, mutono, mutonyuno, kapro-yuno, por fabrikar ganti, delikata shui, e.c. La mejisado esas specala karakterizata per to ke la tanago di la peli, vice facesar per tanoza extrakturi, quale la tanago propre dicita, esas facata per specala mixuro blankatra kompozita de aluno, vitelo e marala salo; VI-245. — F

mekanik-o: (science of) mechanics; -ala: mechanical; relative to mechanics or the laws of motion (cf. mashin-ala); -isto: mechanician: one learned in the theories of mechanics (cf. mashin-(if)isto). Ex.: omna movi di korpi esas mekanikal, la libera falo di korpo, same kam la falo di vapor-martelo. — DEFIRS

mekanism-o: (philos., mechan., and fig.) mechanism, machinery; structure; mechanical parts. Def.: Ensemblo di la mekanikal relati, kun egardo a la dispozeso di la parti; VII-205. Ex.: La mekanismo do horlojo od altra mashino. La mekanismo esas ulo abstraktita, la strukturo, la dispozeso di la parti di la aparato. — DEFIS

mekanist-o: (philos.) representative of mechanism.

mekanomorfos-o: mechanomorphosis.

melankoli-o: (of persons) melancholy; (med.) melancholia; -oza: melancholy, dispirited, gloomy (of mind) (cf. trista). Ant.: gayeso. — DEFIRS

melanin-o: (2001) melanin. — DEFIR

melanism-o: (biol.) melanism.

melanom-o: (2001) melanoma. — DEFIRS

melas-o: molasses, treacle. — DEFIS

mele-o: melee; a general hand-to-hand fight. — EF

melilot-o: (2001) melilot: yellow-flowered sweet clover (Melilotus officinalis). — DEFIRS

melinit-o: melinite (-powder). — DEFIRS

melis-o: (bot.) balm, balm-mint (Melissa officinalis). — DEFIS

melk-ar: (tr.) to milk (an animal). — DE

melodi-o: melody; -a, -ala, -oza, -atra: melodious, musical, sweet, tuneful. — DEFIRS

melodram-o: melodrama. — DEFIRS

melolont-o: maybeetle, cockchafer (Melolontha vulgaris). — IL

melon-o: melon, muskmelon (Cucumis Melo); aquo- -o: watermelon (Cucumis Citrulis); kantalupo- -o: cantaloup. — DEFS

melope-o: (mus.) melopoeia; -ar: (intr.) to sing melopoeia. — EFIRS

mem: (adv.) even, still, (in comparson); (emphasis) really, indeed (cf. ya); mem se: even if; mem plu bona: still better, better yet; yes, me konfesas, ke mea manui esas mem tre sordida: yes, I admit that my hands are really very dirty; ica pano esas bona, ma ita esas mem plu bona: this bread is good but that is even better; il meritas estimo, mem amo: he merits esteem, even love. — F

membr-o: member (of society, community, party, parliament, of an equation); limb (of body); -o (di frazo): clause (cf. klauzo); -i, -aro: members, limbs; -oza: limbered, membered. — EFIS

membran-o: (anat., bot.) membrane. — DEFIS

«memento»: (R.C. ch.) memento: prayers for living and dead.

memor-ar: (tr.) to remember, recollect, have a memory of (cf. merkar); -igar: to cause (ulu) to remember, remind, bring to mind, commemorate; -(ad)o: (act, faculty) memory, remembrance; -ajo: what is remembered, recollection; -ig-ilo: reminder, souvenir, keepsake; -e: by heart; -inda: memorable; -igo: commemoration, remembrance; -ig-iva, -ala: commemorative; -noto: note of reminder, memorandum; -libro: memo. book; ri- -o: reminiscence, recollection. — EFIRS

memorand-o: memorandum; (of societies, academies); (dipl.) memorial: a note or informal state paper used in diplomacy. — DEF

memorial-o: memoir. Def.: Historiala verko, en qua l’autoro naracas l’eventi di sua vivo o di sua tempo; IV-172. — DEFIS

menado: (myth.) maenad: follower of Bacchus.

menaj-o: housekeeping: administration, cleaning and general management of a house, especially apart from mere cooking arrangements; -ar: (intr.) to keep house, administer a house; -isto, -ulo, -ino, -estro: housekeeper. Def.: Domal (hemala) ekonomio o servado; IV-66. — F

menajeri-o: menagerie. Def.: Kolekturo de animali rara o sovaja por expozo; III-327. — DEF

mencion-ar: (tr.) to mention, make mention of; honor-oza, -iz-anta -o: honorable mention. V. exp.: vid. citar. — EFIS

mendik-ar: (tr.) to beg (for alms); -anto, -ero, -isto: beggar, mendicant. — EFIS

menhir-o: menhir: standing stone. — DEF

mening-o, -i: (anat.) meninx, meninges. — EFIS

meningit-o: (med.) meningitis; -o cerebro-spinala: cerebro-spinal m. — EFIS

menisk-o: (opt., phys.) meniscus. — DEFIS

menopauz-o: (2001) menopause. — DEFIRS

mens-o: (of abbeys) revenue; (fig.) table-money, allowance for table. — F

menstru-ar: (intr., physiol.) to menstruate, have the monthly flow; -o: menses. — DEFIRS

ment-o: mind: seat of consciousness, thought, volition and feeling; mentality: cast or habit of mind (cf. spirito, psiko, intelekto); -ala: mental; -o milit-ist-ala: a military mind: an intelligence which looks at all matters from a soldier’s viewpoint; -o partis-ala: a partisan mind or spirit; -o publika: public spirit or mind; -o-mediko: physician of the mind, alienist. — EFIS

menti-ar: (intr.) to lie, tell a falsehood (pri, per); -etar: to fib. — FIS

mentol-o: (2001) menthol. — DEFIRS

menton-o: chin; -o sali-anta: prominent c.; -o du-pada: double c.; -barbo: c. beard (cf. infra labio-barbo); -bandajo: c. bandage; -kateno: (horses) curb-chain; menton-umo: c.piece, c.-band, -strap. Def.: (menton-umo): Bendo ek stofo, ledro o metalo por renar kapvesto sur la kapo; anke kuseneto od utensilo por violino fixa dum ke on pleas; III-10. — FI

mentor-o: mentor (counselor). — DEFIRS

menu-o: menu, bill of fare. — DEFS

menueto: minuet (dance or air). — DEFIRS

menuz-ar: (intr.) to do fine carpenter’s or joiner’s work; -isto: cabinet-worker, joiner (cf. eben-isto). V.  exp.: vid. karpentar. — F

mercenari-o: (milit.) mercenery (soldier) — EFIS

mercer-o: (Eng.) mercer’s business, haberdasher’s trade. (U.S.) dry-goods business; -isto: mercer, haberdasher: a dealer in textile fabrics, trimmings, and small articles of dress. — EFIS

merd-o*: (slang) f(a)eces.

meridian-a lineo, meridiano: meridian. — DEFIRS

merin-o: merino (-sheep); -lano: merino wool. — DEFIRS

mering-o: (cook.) meringue: a kind of icing and cake made of it. — DEFIS

meristem-o: (bot.) meristem. — DEFIS

merit-ar: (tr.) to deserve, merit (ulo de ulu); -o: merit, worth, desert. Ex.: Meritar laudo, puniso, rekompenso. — EFIS

meriz-o: wild cherry; -iero: wild cherry tree (Prunus avium). — F

merk-ar: (tr.) to mark, to impress (ulo) on one’s memory, to retain or remember) a thing, keep in mind (cf. memorar); vorti facile merk-ebla: words easy to keep in mind; merkez mea vorti: mark my words; me merkos to: I will bear that in mind; -o-vorto: catch-word, cue-word, key-word. V. exp.: Merkar expresas ideo simila a lernar, tamen min konsideranta la peno e l’intenco; III-495. — De

merkat-o: (also fig. as in polit. econ.) market: public place for selling. Def.: Vendeyo publika; III-466. Stando di la ofro e demando di vari en un urbo o loko; II-76. — DEFIS

merkurdi-o: Wednesday. — FIS

merkuri-o: (chem.) mercury, quicksilver. — EFIS

merl-o: (orni.) blackbird (Turdus merula). — DFIS

merlan-o: (ichth.) whiting (Gadus Merlangus). — FR

merlon-o*: (fort.) merlon. Def.: Parto (solida) di muro inter du kreneli; VII-280. — DEFIS

merluch-o: (ichth.) merluce: the European hake (Merlucius vulgaris). — EFIRS

merogoni-o: (embryol.) merogony. — DEFIS

meromorf-a: (math.) meromorphic. — DEFIS

merotomi-o: merotomy: division into parts. — DEFIS

mes-o: (R.C. ch.) mass; -libro: missal, prayer-book; -o sen-kanta: low mass — DEFIRS

mesaj-o: message: official communication, diplomatic, parliamentary (cf. letro, send-ajo). — EFIS

mesi-o: (also fig.) Messiah; -an-a, -ala: Messianic. — DEFIRS

meskalin-o: (2001) mescaline. — DEFIRS

meskin-a: mean, paltry (person, act); narrow, illiberal (ideas, policy); stingy, niggardly (persons, policy); shabby (room, person); -ajo: mean or paltry thing or act, shabby trick. Def.: Qua indijas larjeso, alteso (precipue etikala); III-10. — FIS

mestic-a, -o: (of persons, animals) half-breed, mixed-breed; mestizo: a peson of mixed Spanish and American Indian blood (cf. mulato, hibrido) (cf. V-33). — DEFIS

mestier-o: trade, handicraft: occupation or business in which manual or mechanical labo(u)r is necessary, as that of a carpenter or mason; -ala: technical, craft; -isto: artisan, mechanic; il esas mestiere torn-isto: he is a turner (or lathe-worker) by trade. — FIR

met-ar: to put on , don (clothing, ornaments) (cf. vest-izar); -ar frako: to put on a dress-coat; -o: donning, dressing; -ebla: wearable: which can be put on. — FI

metaboli-o: (biol.) metabolism. — DEFIS

metacentr-o: (hydros. and shipbuilding) metacenter (metacentre) — DEFIRS

metacinez-o: (biol.) metakinesis. — DEFIS

metadon-o: (2001) methadone. — DEFIRS

metafaz-o: (biol.) metaphase. — DEFIS

metafizik-o: metaphysics. — DEFIRS

metafor-o: (rhet.) metaphor. — DEFIRS

metafraz-o: metaphrase: literal translation. Def.: Expliko qua konsistas en tradukar loko (frazo) en plura klara, simpla e vulgara vorti; -ar: (tr.) to metaphrase; V-485. — DEFIRS

metageometri-o: metageometry.

metakarp-o: (anat.) metacarpus. — EFIS

metal-o: metal; -a, -ala, -oza: metallic: of m., relaing to m., full of m.; -ajo: m. object; -izar: to metallize; to coat or impregnate with m.; -ifo: metallurgy; ore production (cf. metalurgio); -if-isto: metallurgist; -filo: wire; -laboristo: m.worker; -vaz-aro, -aj-aro: ironmongery, hardware. — DEFIRS

metalografi-o: metallography. — DEFS

metaloid-o: (chem.) metalloid. — DEFS

metalurgi-o: metallurgy: science and art of preparing metals from the ores (not the extracting of ores; cf. metal-ifo). — DEFIS

metamer-o: (zool.) metamere. — DEFIS

metamorfos-ar: (tr.) to metamorphose. — DEFIRS

metan-o: (chem.) methane, marsh-gas. — DEFIS

metastabil-a: (physical chem.) metastable. — DEF

metatars-o: (anat.) metatarsus. — EFIS

metatez-o: (gram.) metathesis. — DEFIRS

metempsikos-o: metempsychosis, transmigration of souls. — DEFIRS

meteor-o: meteor. — DEFIRS

meteorologi-o: meteorology; -isto: meteorologist. — DEFIRS

metil-o: (chem.) methyl. — DEFIS

metilen-o: (chem.) methylene.

metod-o: method: special or definite system of procedure; (of things) –ala: methodical; (of persons) –oza: methodical; -ale, -oze: methodically. Ex.: Il facas omno segun metodo (od, metodoze). Metodala aranjo. — DEFIRS

metod-ismo: ((relig.) methodism: doctrine of methodists; -isto: methodist (member of a religious sect).

metodologi-o: methodology. — DEFIS

metol-o*: (chem.) metol. — DEFIS

metonimi-o: (rhet.) metonymy. — DEFIRS

metonomazi-o: metonomatosis. Def.: Chanjo di propra nomo per traduko, qua celas ol; V-485. — DEFIRS

metop-o: (arch.) metope. — DEFIRS

metr-o: (meas.) meter (metre): 1.093 yards; (poet.) meter; -o-quadrato: square meter: 1.196 square yards; -o kubo: cubic meter: 35 cubic feet; -ala: (measure or verse) metrical. Note: A list of metric abbreviations may be found in IV-608-9. — DEFIRS

metrik-o: (science of) versification, prosody, scansion.

metrit-o: (med.) metritis.

metrologi-o: metrology.

metronom-o: metronome. — DEFIRS

metro-o*: metro, subway, underground (train).

metropol-o: metropolis: a chief or capital city. — DEFIRS

metropolit-o: (eccl.) metropolitan (bishop). — DEFIRS

mez-a, -o: middle, midst; -e di: in the middle of; -a, -ala: middle, medial, median; -grada, -valora: (of quantities) average; (math.) mean; (gen.) middling, mediocre, tolerable (cf. pasabla); -grado, -valoro: average, mean, mediocrity; -valore: moderately, indifferently; -epoko: the Middle Ages; -epok-ala: medieval; -eva: of middle age; -a stando: (od, situ-eso): moderate circumstances; -a fosto (di fenestro): mullion; -o-soprano: mezzo-soprano; -a proporcion-alo: (geom.) mean proportional. — I

mezenter-o: (anat.) mesentery. — DEFIS

mezereon-o: (bot.) February daphne, mezereon, spurge laurel (daphne mezereum).

mezoderm-o: (embryol., zool.) mesoderm. — DEFIS

mezokarp-o: (bot.) mesocarp.

mezolab-o: (instr.) mesolabe. — DEFIRS

mezotint-o: mezzotint(o). — DEFI

mezur-ar: (tr.) to measure (with an instrument), to survey (land); -(ad)o: measure, measurement, measuring; (mus.) time, measure; bar; -ilo: an instrument for measuring; -ebla: measurable; sen- -a: immeasurable, immoderate; excessive, exorbitant; super- -o: over-measure; agro- -isto: land (or, field) surveyor. V. exp.: vid. evaluar. — EFI

mi: mi, third note of diatonic scale.

mi-: (prefix) half. Ex.: mi-klozita: half-closed.

miasm-o: miasma: noxious exhalation. — DEFIRS

miaul-ar: (intr.) to mew: to cry as a cat, to caterwaul, miaou. — DEFIS

micel-o: (biol.) micelle.

mi-cirkl-o: hemicycle, half-circle.

mi-de-o: demigod.

mi-dek-e-du-o: half-dozen.

miel-o: honey; (fig.) sweetness; -ala, -oza, -atra: honeyed, melliferous; -ifar: to produce honey; -aquo: hydromel, mead; -kuko: gingerbread; -mixuro: oxymel: a mixture of vinegar and honey; -tempo: honeymoon. — FIS

mielat-o: (bot.) honey-like secretion from the leaves of a tree.

mien-o: (of the face) look(s), mien, countenance, -acho: affected, lackadaisical, simpering look; -o superba: haughty look; facar mien-i, -achi: to put on airs, mince, simper, smirk; ne judikez homo segun lua mieno: do not judge a person by his looks. — DEFR

mi-faci-o: (photog.) pose between face and profile (cf. mi-profilo).

mi-farm-ajo: metairie: land (or implements) leased for half-share of produce; -ado: metayage; -isto, -ero: metayer.

mi-frat-ulo: half-brother.

migr-ar: (intr.) to migrate; -anta, -ema: migrating; (fig.) itinerant; -anta uceli: migrating birds. — EFIS

migren-o: megrim: a kind of sick or nervous pain affecting one side of the head, hemicrania. — DEFIR

migrenin-o*: (med.) a kind of remedy for megrim or hemicrania.

mika-o: (min.) mica. — DEFIS

mikoriz-o: (biol.) mycorrhiza. — DEFIS

mikr-a: little, small (cf. poka); -eta, -acha: tiny, wee; -ope: little by little, bit by bit; -igar: to make small, belittle (cf. min-grand-igar, diminutar); -o-kosmo: microcosm. Ex.: Mikra spaco, chambro, homo, sumo, nombro, merito. Ant.: granda. — DEFIRS

mikro-: (scient. prefix) small.

mikrob-o: microbe. — DEFIRS

mikrocentr-o: (biol.) center of a cell containing chromosomes.

mikrocirkuit-o*: microcircuit.

mikrofilm-o: (2001) microfilm. — DEFIRS

mikrofon-o: microphone. — DEFIRS

mikrogamet-o: (biol.) microgamete.

mikrograf-o: micrographer: one versed in micrography.

mikrografi-o: micrography: description of microscopic objects. — DEFIRS

mikrometr-o: micrometer. — DEFIRS

mikron-o: micron: 1/1000 of a millimeter (millimetre). — DEFIRS

mikronukle-o: (biol.) micronucleus; Ant. makronukleo.

mikropil-o: (bot., zool.) micropyle. — DEFIS

mikroskop-o: microscope. — DEFIRS

mikrosom-o: (biol.) microsome. — DEFIS

mikrospor-o: (bot.) microspore. — DEFIS

mikrosporangi-o: (bot.) microsporangium. — DEFIS

mikroprocesor-o*: microprocessor.

mikrozo-o: microzoa: animals of microscopic smallness. — DEFIRS

mil: 1,000, thousand; -o: a (one) thousand; -esma: (ordinal) 1000th ; -imo: (fraction) 1/1000 (part); -yara: millenary (cf. cent, du for derivatives). — FIS

milan-o: (orni.) kite (Milvus ictinus). — FS

milb-o: (zool.) grain beetle.

mild-a: (2001) mild, gentle. — DE

mili-: (prefix) one-thousandth.

mili-o: mile: 5280 feet; 1609.35 meters (metres).

miliard-o: billion; 1000 millions; -iero: billionaire. — DEFIRS

miliar-a: (med.) miliary.

miliard-o: billion.

milibar-o: (measurement of atmospheric pressure) mili-bar.

milic-o: militia; -ano: militiaman. — DEFIRS

miligram-o: milligram: 0.015 grain. — DEFIRS

milimetr-o: millimeter (millimetre): 0.039 inch. — DEFIRS

milimikron-o: millionth part of a milimetre.

milion-o: million; -iero: millionaire. — DEFIRS

milit-ar: (intr.) to (make) war; (fig.) to militate; (por, kontre); -igar: to cause to make war; -anto, -isto: fighter, combatant, warrior; -ala: military: relating to war; -ist-ala: military: relating to warriors; -ema: combative, pugnacious, bellicose; -arto: art of war; -ruzo: stratagem (of war); -ist-aro: armed force of a country (cf. armeo); -judicio: court-martial; -ala kapt-ito: prisoner of war; -navo: warship; -nava: naval. — DEFIS

militar-ismo: militarism; -isto: militarist: a believer in militarism; -igar: to militarize: to bring into a condition of (or imbue with) militarism. Ex.: On dicas, ke la maxim bona metodo kuracar militaristo esas igar lu militisto.

mi-lum-o: half-light, twilight, subdued light.

mi-lun-o: half-moon.

milyet-o: (bot.) millet (Panicum miliaceum).

mim-ar: (tr.) to mimic: express by dumb show, as for ridicule; -anto, -isto: mimic, mime. — DEFIRS

mimetik-a*: (zool.) a mimicking (animal); -eso: mimicry; imitative resemblance of one animal to another or to some inanimate object.

mi-mond-umo: demi-monde.

mimos-o: (bot.) mimosa, sensitive plant (genus: Mimosa). — DEFIRS

min(e): (adv.) less (Note: The short form: min is used when followed by adjective or verb; as, min granda: smaller; the longer form: mine is used when not followed by word which it modifies, as at the end of a sentence; il laboris mine: he worked less; min bela: less beautiful; parolez min multe: speak less; min multo: the lesser; min kam ul-tempe: less than ever; min multa pekunio: less money; sempre min: less and less. V. exp.: Min esas diminutala; minus esas sustracionala. Ex.: Esante min durstanta kam me, il drinkis un glaso minuse; II-738. Ant.: plu. Note: In distinction from E. usage where «less» is used adjectivally, min is always an adverb, therefore : min multa homi, not min homi. — FIRS

min-ar: (tr.) to undermine, to mine: extract ores, etc. (cf. sub-destruktar) (milit.) to sap; -eyo: a mine; -ey-ala: pertaining to mines: la rivero minis la rivo: the river undermined the bank. — DEFIRS

minac-ar: (tr.) to menace, to threaten (ulu, per ulo). Ex.: Il minacis mortigar me. La muro minacis krular (E. the wall totters). Kolero esas minaco. — EFIS

minaret-o: minaret. — DEFIRS

mineral-o: mineral; -igar: to mineralize: transform into a mineral; -izar: to mineralize: to cover or impregnate with mineral. — DEFIRS

mineralogi-o: mineralogy; -isto: mineralogist. — DEFIRS

minestrel-o: minstrel: poet, singer of the Middle Ages. — DEFIR

min-grand-igar: to lessen, make smaller (cf. mikr-igar, min-gros-igar, diminutar).

min-gros-igar: to reduce in size (cf. tenu-igar).

miniatur-o: miniature; a small and delicate painting, as a portrait; a representation on a much reduced scale. — DEFIRS

minim(e), -a: (superlative of min) least, lowest, minimum; -o: minimum; -a nombro (necesa por valideso di voti): quorum; minim bona, minim kurajoza: least good, least courageous; minim multa bruiso posibla: least possible noise: minim chera: least dear, the cheapest; la minim alta monto: the lowest mountain; skribar pri kozi quin on komprenas minime: to write things about which one understands least (cf. note on form in min(e). — DEFIRS

minion-a: small and dainty, daintily pretty; -ino: a daintily pretty girl or woman; (fig.) darling, pet; -a boko: a pretty (and small) mouth; -a pedo: a dainty foot. — F

ministeri-o: administrative or executive department of a government of which a ministro is the head (cf. V-158); la ministraro demisionis, ma la ministerii ankore funcionis: the ministers have resigned but the «ministries» (administrative departments) still carried on their work.

ministr-o: (state functionary) minister; -aro: cabinet, ministry (collective); -ala: ministerial; -eyo: government office; dum la ministr-eso di Sro. X: during the ministry of Mr. X; chef- -o: premier, prime minister. — DEFIRS

minium-o: minium: red oxide of lead; (paint) red-lead. — DEFIRS

minor-a: (jur.) minor: under age; (logic, music, eccl.) minor; -eso: (of age) minority; -a modo: minor key. Ant.: majora. — DEFIS

minoritat-o: minority: the smaller number. Ant.: majoritato. — DEFIS

minotaur-o: (myth.) Minotaur. — DEFIRS

mint-o: (bot.) mint (genus: Mentha); -o krispa: curly mint (Mentha crispa); pipro-minto: peppermint (Mentha piperita). — DEFIRS

minuci-o: minutia, trifle, minor detail: -i: minutiae; -ema: (person) particular; attentive to detail, fastidious, hairsplitter; -em-acho: fuss-budget, busybody. — DEFIS

minus: (arith., alg.) minus; di plus tri minus un facas (od, esas) quar: two plus three minus one makes four; il pagis a me un dollar minuse: he paid me one dollar less (i.e. he took one dollar from the price); un glaso minuse: one glass less. V. exp.: vid. min. — DEIRS

minuskul-o: (print.) small letter; (in manuscripts) miniscule. Ant.: mayuskulo. — DEFIS

minut-o: (of time: astron., geom. of degree) minute. — DEFIRS

min-valor-igar: to depreciate: to lessen the value of; to undervalue, underrate; disparage; la abundo de pekunio minvalorigas la valoro: the abundance of money depreciates its value; komercaji minvaloreskas: goods are beginning to depreciate; minvalorigar persono: to depreciate a person.

miocen-o: (geol.) miocene. — DEFIS

miologi-o: myology. — DEFIS

mi-ombr-o: half-shade, partial shadow; (astron.) penumbra (cf. mi-lumo).

miop-a, -(ul)o: near-sighted, myopic (person); -eso: myopia. — DEFIS

miozot-o: (bot.) myosotis: forget-me-not (genus: Myosotis). — EFISL

mi-profil-o: (photog.) half-profile (taken from the back; cf. mi-facio).

mir-o: myrrh. — DEFIS

mirabel-o: «mirabelle»: a small yellow plum (European). — DEFIRS

miraj-o: mirage; (fig.) delusion. — EFIR

mirakl-o: miracle; -a: miraculous: truly supernatural; -ala: miraculous: relating to miracles; -atra: miraculous: mervelous,wonderful; -if-anta: wonder-working, working miracles. — DEFIR

miriad-o: myriad: an immense number; (antiq.) ten thousand. — DEFIRS

miriametr-o: myriameter: ten thousand meters (metres); 6.2 miles. — DEFIRS

miriapod-o: (zool.) myriapod; milliped. (class. Myriapoda). — DEFIS

mirmekofag-o: (zool.) ant-eater, ant-bear (Myrmecophaga). — IL

mirmekofil-a: (zool.) myrmecophilous. — DEFIS

mirmekoleon-o: (ent.) ant-lion (genus: Myrmecoleon). — IL

mirt-o: (bot.) myrtle (genus: Myrtus). — DEFIRS

mirtel-o: (fruit) bilberry; -iero: bilberry plant: European whortleberry plant (Vacinium Myrtillus). — FIL

mis-: (prefix) wrongly, badly, unfavourably.

mis-alianc-ar (su): to contract a misalliance; to marry beneath one; -o: misalliance, a bad match.

mis-aplik-ar: (tr.) to misapply (ulo, ad, sur).

mis-deskript-ar: (tr.) to misrepresent, wrongfully describe (cf. mis-prezentar).

mis-(dis)donar: (tr.) to misdeal (cards).

mis-dukt-ar: (tr.) to mislead (ulu).

mis-event-ar: (intr.) to come to any harm, to happen unluckily, to turn out ill; -o: mischance, mishap, misadventure.

mi-sfer-o: hemisphere.

mis-formac-ar: (tr.) to misform, misshape; -o, -uro: malformation.

mis-interpret-ar: (tr.) to misinterpret.

mision-ar: (religious, scientific, etc.) mission; -isto, -ero: missionary. — DEFIRS

mis-ir-ar: (intr.) to go astray, lose one’s way.

mis-judici-o: (jur.) erroneous judgement.

mis-judik-ar: (tr.) to misjudge (not legal).

mis-kalkul-ar: (tr., math.) to miscalculate.

mis-kompren-ar: (tr.) to misunderstand, misapprehend.

mis-koncept-ar: (tr.) to misconceive.

mis-konoc-ar: (tr.) to misunderstand (something perceptible to the senses), to mistake (cf. konocar).

mis-kont-ar: (tr.) to miscount.

mis-nom-ar, -izar: to misname, give a wrong name to (cf. nom-ar).

mis-paf-ar: (intr.) to miss fire.

mis-paz-o: (lit. and fig.) false step, mis-step; blunder, slip; faux pas; -pazar: to make, take a false step, stumble (cf. ped-butar).

mispel-o: (fruit) medlar; -iero: medlar tree (Mespilus). — DISL

mis-poz-ar: (tr.) to put in the wrong place. V. exp.: vid. egarar.

mis-prezent-ar: (tr.) to present wrongly, misrepresent. Ex.: Il misprezentis (od, mis-deskriptis) la stando di la afero, la fakti di la kazo.

mis-pronunc-ar: (tr.) to mispronounce.

mis-rezon-o: wrong reasoning, a fallacy.

«Miss»: (title) miss.

mis-selekt-ar: (tr.) to mischoose.

mis-send-ar: (tr.) to missend (ulo); to misdirect (a letter, etc.).

mis-tax-ar: (tr.) to mistax, wrongfully assess.

mistel-o: (bot.) mistletoe (Viscum); -bero: berry of mistletoe. — De

misteri-o: (also antiq., eccl.) mystery; -ala: relating to mysteries; -oza, -atra: mysterious. — DEFIRS

mistifik-ar: (tr.) to hoax, mystify: mischievously deceive someone in sport; -o: hoax, mystify (for sport) (cf. perplex-igar, konfuz-igar). — DEFIR

mistik-a, -(ul)o: mystic; -eso, -ismo: mysticism. — DEFIRS

mis-traduk-ar: (tr.) to mistranslate, to translate wrongly.

mis-uz-ar: (tr.) to misuse, make bad use of, waste.

mit-o: myth. — DEFIRS

mi-tambur-o: tambourine. V. exp.: Pro ke tamburo (ed anke tamburino) havas du feli, esas naturala indikar per «mitamburo» la instrumento, qua havas un felo; IV-511.

miten-o: mitten; mi- -o: a mitten which leaves the fingers bare. Def.: Ganto en qua nur la grosa fingro esas separita e la qua ceteri unionita; III-327 — EFS

mitokondri-o: (biol.) mitochondrion.

mitologi-o: mythology; -isto: mythologist. — DEFIRS

mitom-o: (biol.) part of the cytoplasm.

mitos-o: (biol.) mitosis.

mitr-o: (eccl.) miter (mitre). — DEFIRS

mitrali-o: grape-shot, canister, shrapnel; -agar, -o-pafar: (tr.) to fire grapeshot, shrapnel at or on. — EFIS

mitralios-o: machine-gun; (ancient) mitrailleuse. — DEFR

mix-ar: (tr.) to mix, mingle, blend (ulo kun ulo); inter- -ar: to intermix (uli); -ar su: to intervene in, meddle; -ar karti: shuffle cards; -o, -uro: mixture, blend, medly; -ajo: miscellanea, miscellany; -o-linea: (geom.) mixtilineal; -ach-eso: promiscuousness. Ex.: Mixar l’aquo kun la vino. Mixar (E. blend) kolori. Mixar diversa flori en buketo.Mixar su en l’aferi di altru. Me mixas klor-acido kun nitrat-acido (e me intermixas la du acido). — EFI

mizameb-o: (biol.) myxamoeba.

mizantrop-(ul)o: misanthrope: hater of mankind. — DEFIS

mizer-ar: (intr.) to be in misery (because of poverty, destitution, or unhappiness or pain); -o: misery, wretchedness, want, sore need, distress. — DEFIRS

mizerikordi-o: mercy, mercifulness; -oza, -ema: merciful, compassionate, clement; sen- -a: unmerciful. Def.: Kompato (di Deo) qua pardonas a pekanto; III-327. Ex. Deala mizerikordio. Klamar mizerikordio ad ulu. Ta homo esas senmizerikordia. — FIS

mnemonik-o: mnemonics: art or system for developing the memory. — DEFIRS

mobiliz-ar: (tr., milit.) to mobilize (troops). — DEFIRS

mobl-o: a piece of furniture: any movable object serviceable or use or decoration of an apartment; -aro: (set, collection) furniture; -izar: to furnish (a house, room, etc. with furniture); -iz-ita-domo, chambro, lojeyo: furnished house, room, lodging; -ifar: to make furniture. — DFIRS

mod-o: mode: a passing usage which depends upon taste, caprice; fashion, style; (gram.) mood (indicative, imperative, etc.); (philos., mus.) mode; (jur.) modus; -ala: (log.) modal; -al-eso: (log.) modality; segun la modo, segun moda: according to the mode, in the fashion, fashionable; vestizar ulu segun la modo; to dress someone in the fashion: -o anciena: old fashion. — DEFIRS

model-o: model (of a machine, etc.): copy or standard to be followed; -atra: standard, exemplary; Solomon konstruktis la templo segun la modelo di la tabernaklo: Solomon built the temple according to the model of the tabernacle; el posturas kom modelo por skultisto: she acts as a model for a sculptor; -o skribita: a written copy; ilua vivo esas modelo di vertuo: his life is a pattern of virtue (cf. shablono, imit-ajo, mod-uro, -ajo). — DEFIRS

modem-o: (2001) modem (modulator/demodulator). — DEFIRS

moder-ar: (tr.) to moderate: keep within bonds (passions, zeal, ardour, etc.); to abate (a price), reduce (one’s expenses); mitigate (a sentence); -ema: temperate; -ilo: governor, regulator (of speed); -e: moderately; sen-moder-eso: immoderation. Ant.: acelerar, augmentar. — DEFIS

modern-a: modern; -igar: to modernize. — DEFIS

modest-a: modest: not bold or presumptuous; not boastful or obtrusive; (N.B. «modest» in the sense of observing sex proprieties is translated by pudor-oza, chasta, dec-anta). V. exp.: vid. diskreta. Ant.: Superba, pretend-ema, arog-ema, vanitat-oza, fatua. — EFIS

modifik-ar: (tr.) to modify: make partial changes in (cf. chanjar); -ivo: (gram.) a modifying or qualifying word. Ex.: Modifikar lego, frazo, puniso. — DEFIRS

modilion-o: (arch.) modillion. — DEFIS

modlar: (tr., sculpt.) to make a model (in clay, wax) of something from which a statue or other work is to be executed or enlarged. — DEFIRS

modul-o: (arch.) module; (math.) modulus. — DEFIRS

modulac-ar: (tr.) to modulate: pass from one key to another without break in melody; to inflect, vary (the voice in speaking). — DEFIRS

mofet-o: (2001) skunk: black and white New World mammal (esp. genus Mephitis) with a pair of perineal glands which eject a secretion of offensive odor; (fig.) an obnoxious person. — DEFIRS

«mogul»: (oriental title) mogul.

Mohamed-ana, -ano: Mahometan, Mohammedan, Musselman; -an-ismo: Mahometanism, Islamism. — DEFIRS

moher-o: (fabric) mohair. — DEF

mok-ar: to laugh at: ridicule, deride, mock, rally, gibe, scoff; -etar: to banter, chaff; -(ad)o: mockery, derision, jeer; -o-klamo: hue and cry. — DEFR

mokasin-o: moccasin: an Indian shoe. — DEFRS

mol-a: soft: easily yielding to pressure, not hard (cf. dolca); (of muscles) flabby (cf. laxa); (of meat) tender; (of fruits) mellow; -acha: flimsy, flabby; -igar: to soften; (fig.) to mollify; -ig-iva: emollient; ovi mole koqu-ita: soft-cooked eggs. Ant.: harda. — FI

molar-a (dento): molar, grinder (tooth). — DEFIS

mold-ar: (intr.) to turn, grow mouldy. — DE

molekul-o: molecule. — DEFIRS

moleskin-o: (fabric) moleskin. — DEFI

molest-ar: (tr.) to molest, pester, annoy, bother. V. exp.: Molestar signifikas volata tedado per tormenteti o persekuteti. La vorto bone tradukas la F. brimer (E. to play jokes on), qua esas molestado impozita kom probo a la novici en armeo, lerneyo. Anke on povas dicar: «la dogano esas konstanta molestado por la voyajanti»; III-35. — DEFIS

moli-o: mole, jetty (used as a harbor (harbour) breakwater). — DEFIRS

molibd-o: (chem.) molybdenum. — DEFIRS

molos-o: molossus: a species of watch-dog (Canis familiaris molossus); (pros.) Molosian metre.

molton-o: (fabric) molleton: swanskin, canton flannel. — DEFIS

molusk-o: mollusk. — DEFIRS

moment-o: momentum. — DEFIS

monad-o: (philos., zool.) monad. — DEFIS

monadologi-o: (philos.) monadology.

monak-(ul)o: monk, friar; -ala, -atra: monastic, monachal, monkish; -ino: nun; -eso: (condition, state) monasticism, monkhood; -ismo: (system, doctrine) monasticism; -eyo: monastery, convent. — DEFIRS

monark-o: monarch; -ala: monarchal: relating to monarchs. — DEFIRS

monarki-o: monarchy; -ala: monarchial: relating to monarchies (cf. monark-ala). — DEFIRS

monaster-o: (biol.) prophase of mitosis.

monat-o: month; -salario: month’s pay; omna-monat-e, -a: every month, monthly; ca-monate: (during, in) this month; po monato, singla monate: by the month, so much a month; mi- -a: half-monthly, twice a month. — De

mond-o: (general sense) the world (cf. tero); -umo: the world: society, people; -umo eleganta, alta: world of fashion, smart set, high-life; -ala: mundane; -um-ema: worldly-minded; -um-ala: relating to society; relating to good manners; -um-ajo: a worldly thing, vanity; -um-an-ulo: man of the world; um-an-eso: worldliness. — EFIS

moner-o: (zool.) moner(on). — DEFIS

monet-o: (of gold, silver, copper) coin, cash, change, specie; (fig.) currency (cf. pekunio); -o-peco: a coin; -papero: paper money: which takes the place of coin (cf. bankobilieto); -ala: monetary; -igar: to monetize: put into circulation, give a standard value to in currency; -ifar: to coin, mint into money; to raise money; -if-isto: coiner; -if-eyo, -erio: mint; -uyo: a purse. — EFIRS

monism-o: (philos.) monism. — DEFIRS

monist-o: monist. — DEFIRS

monitor-o: (nav., comp.) monitor. — DEFIRS

mono-: (prefix) one. — DEFIS

monodrom-a: (math.) monodromic. — EFIS

monofiletik-a*: (bot.) monophyletic. — DEFIS

monoftong-o*: (gram.) monophthong: a single vowel sound; a combination of two vowels pronounced as one. — DEFIS

monogam-a: monogamic; -(ul)o: monogamist. — DEFIRS

monogen-a: (math.) monogenic, monogenetic. — DEFIS

monografi-o: monograph. — DEFIRS

monogram-o: monogram. — DEFIRS

monoik-a: (bot.) monoecious.

monokl-o: monocle, single eye-glass. Def.: Unika aparta okulvitro; V-1. — DEFIRS

monoklin-a: (bot.) monoclinous; (cryst.) monoclinic.

mono-kord-o: (mus. and acous.) mono-chord. — DEFIRS

mono-kotiledon-a, -o: (bot.) monocotyledon(ous). — DEFIS

monokrom-a: monochrome; -ajo: (paint) monochrome picture; camaieu. Def.: (monokrom-ajo) Pikturo per un sola koloro, plu o min klara; VI-480. — DEFIS

monolit-a, -o: monolith(ic). — DEFIRS

monolog-o: monologue, soliloquy. — DEFIRS

monomani-o: (med.) monomania: insanity upon one particular subject (cf. manio); -ika, -iko: monomaniac(al). — DEFIRS

monomi-o, -ala: (alg.) monomial. — DEFIS

monopol-o: monopoly; -igar: to monopolize; -emo, -ig-anto, -ero, -isto: monopolist. — DEFIRS

mono-silab-a: monosyllabic. — DEFIRS

mono-sperm-a: (bot.) monospermous. — DEFIS

monoteism-o: monotheism. — DEFIRS

monoteist-o: monotheist. — DEFIRS

monoton-a: monotonous; -eso: monotony. — DEFIRS

monotrop-o*: (math.) monotropa. — DEFIS

monsinior-o: (title) monsigneur.

monstr-o: (pr. and fig.) monster; -a, -ala, -atra: monstrous, enormous; -ajo: (object or act) monstrosity. — DEFIRS

mont-o: mount, mountain; -eto: hill, hillock, knoll; -aro, -o-kateno: mountain range; -oza: mountainous; -et-oza: hilly; -o Etna: Mt. Etna; Venus-monto: (anat.) mons veneris; -o-pinto: mountain peak (the point) (cf. ad-monte). — EFIS

montant-o: upright: piece of any framework, wood or iron; stanchion, beam, post, side-piece (of a ladder). — FIS

montr-ar: (tr.) to show, exhibit: make to see or know; -inda: worthy of showing, presentable; -isto: showman; -ar rara libro: to show a rare book; -ez a me ta homulo: show me that man; -ar kurajo: to show courage (cf. manifestar, expozar, indikar, prizentar, aparar). — FIS

monument-o: monument. — DEFIRS

mops-o: pug-dog. — DRS

moquet-o: moquette: a kind of velvet carpeting; Wilton carpeting. — DEFIS

mor-o, -i: manners, habits, conduct considered from the moral point of view (cf. etiko); bona -i: good morals, habits or customs; -ala: habitual, customary: relating to mori (N.B. not conforming to the rules of right conduct, righteousness. A moral man = etikala homulo; cf. IV-233); moral-isto: one who studies the «mori». Def.: Kustumi (di persono o lando), natural od aquirita, relate lia boneso o maledeso por la konduto di vivo. — FL

morb-o: disease, malady, distemper: the illness itself; (for state, condition, ill person, cf. malad-a, -eso); -oza: diseased; -ala: morbid: relating to the disease; -if-anta, -iva: morbific, pathogenic. Ex.: Kancero esas un de la maxim danjeroza morbi; Morbala simtomi. V .exp.: Me audas, ke Sro. X. esas malada (E. sick, ill). Yes, il havas la morbo (E. disease) di Bright. Nuntempe esas multe maladeso (E. sickness) en nia urbo. — EFISL

morbil-o: (med.) measles. — IL

mord-ar: (tr.) to bite (cf. rodar); -etar: to nibble; -anta, -ema: biting; (fig.) mordant, caustic, sarcastic, poignant. — EFIS

morel-o: (bot.) morel: an edible fungus (Morchella esclenta). — DE

moren-o: (geol.) moraine. — DEF

morfin-o: morphia, morphine, — DEFIRS

morfogen-a: (biol.) morphogenic. — DEFIS

morfogenez-o: (biol.) morphogenesis. — DEFIS

morfologi-o: morphology. — DEFIRS

morfoplasm-o: (biol.) morphoplasm.

morfos-o: (biol.) morphosis. — DEFIS

morg-e: tomorrow, (la) morga dio, morgo: the next day, day after; -e matine: tomorrow morning; pos-morge: (day) after tomorrow; til morge: until tomorrow; sep dii pos morge: a week from tomorrow. Ex.: li lektos la libro morge. Se me ne venos morge, takaze me venos posmorge. — De

morganatik-a: morganatic. — DEFIRS

morili-o: andiron, fire-dog. — S

mors-o: bit (of a bridle); (fig.) curb, check, restraint. — FI

mort-ar: (intr., lit. and fig.) to die, cease to live, depart this life; (of fire) to go out; (of movement) to come to an end; -igar: to deprive of life; cause to die, kill, execute, put to death (by natural or artificial means) (cf. ocidar, asasinar, sen-kap-igar, masakrar); -eskar: to be dying, be on the point of death; -o: death, decease; -ado: mortality; -anto, -onto: dying person, moribund person; -inta: dead, defunct; -o-punto: point of death; -o-puniso: death penalty; -ala: death; -iva: mortal: subject to death; -iv-eso: liability to death; -ig-ive malada: mortally sick; -igo: killing, execution; -ig-isto: executioner; -ig-anta, -iva: mortal, deadly: which causes death (as a disease, wound); stone -inta: stone dead; naske- -inta: born dead stillborn; -ar natur-ale: to die a natural death; -ale vund-ita: mortally wounded; -ig-ive -ala pal-eso: deathly pallor; esar (balde) mort-onta: to be at the point of death, at death’s door; -ar ye la mond-umo; to be dead to the world; -int-ala domo: mortuary; depoz-, expoz-eyo di mort-inti: morgue. — DEFIS

mortadel-o: Bologna sausage. — DFIS

morter-o: mortar: a building cement. — DFIS

mortez-o: (carp.) mortise; -izar: to cut a mortise in. — EFS

mortifik-ar: (tr., rel. and fig.) to subdue the passions and appetites by severe discipline; (N.B. for sense of «to humiliate», cf. sham-igar, vexar). — EFIRS

moru-o: (ichth.) cod (-fish) (Gadus morrhua); sika -o: stockfish; dried (unsalted) cod; sika sal-moruo: dried salted cod; oleo ek moru-hepato: cod-liver oil. — FL

morus-o: (bot.) mulberry; -iero: mulberry tree (genus: Morus). — SL

morv-o: (vet.) glanders. — FS

mos-o: cabin-boy, sea-apprentice, ship-boy. — FI

mosk-o: (scent) musk; -iz-ita: m. scented; -anado: m. duck; (Anas moschata); -o-cervo: m. deer (Moschus moschiferus); -o-bovo: m. ox (Ovibus moschatus); -o-musareno: m. shrew, sondeli (Myogale moschata); -o-rato: m. rat (Fiber zibethicus); -o-skarabeo: m. beetle (Ceromby moschatus). — DEFIR

moskardin-o: (zool.) hazel dormouse (muscardinus avellanarius).

moske-o: mosque. — DEFIRS

moskit-o: (ent.) mosquito; para- -o: mosquito net. — DEFRS

most-o: must: unfermented grape-juice. — DEFIS

mot-o: motto (of a book, a chapter). — DEIR

motacil-o: (orni.) wagtail (Motacilla). — L

motet-o: (mus.) motet. — DEFIRS

motif-o: (mus., art) (2001) motif. — EF

motiv-o: motive: that which excites to action, determines choice; reason for action; (mus.) motif; -izar: to state the motive or grounds of (an opinion, act); (fig.) to justify; plendo- -o: reason for complaint, grievance; sen- -a: gratuitous: without proof or motive (cf. gratuita); sen- -a supozajo: gratuitous supposition; il motivizis sua refuzo: he stated the grounds for his refusal. — DEFIRS

motor-o: (mechanical) motor: moving power, that which imparts motion; -veturo: motor vehicle; gazolin- -o: gasoline motor. — DEFIRS

mov-ar: (tr., intr.) to move, set in motion, stir, propel; -(ad)o: movement, motion; -anta: moving; -iva: motive, propelling, driving; -ebla: movable; -ebl-eso: mobility; -o-povo: moving power, propelling force; -o altern-anta: alternating movement; ne- -ebla: immovable. — EFIS

movement-o*: movement: collective action for social, cultural, artistic, or political change.

moviment-o: (mus.) tempo, movement, time.

moyen-o: means, medium (through which a thing is done); instrumentality; -i: (material) means, resources; (math.) means; -acho: (poor) expedient; -i legitima: legitimate means; per la -o: by means (of); kontributar segun sua -i: contribute according to one’s means; vivo- -i: means of subsistence or existence; trovar la -o facar ulo: to find the means to do something. — F

mozaik-o: mosaic (work). — DEFIRS

mu-ar: (intr.) to moult, mew; shed or cast off hair (of dogs), feathers (of birds), horns (of deer), outer layer of skin (of serpents), and the like which are replaced by new growth; to break, change (voice at puberty); voco-muo: change of voice. Def.: Chanjar pelo, pili, plumi, ye determinita tempi o periodi; III-606. — EFIS

muar-o: moire: a watered fabric, as watered silk. — DEFIRS

mucilaj-o: (bot.) (plant-) mucilage; (N.B. for the adhesive substance, cf. gluo). Def.: Humoro viskoza qua trovesas en ula planti; IV-586. — EFIS

muel-ar: (tr.) to grind, crush (in a mill) (cf. grindar); -eyo, -erio: mill; -disko, -petro: millstone; -isto: miller. — FIRS

muev-o: (orni.) gull, sea-gull (genus: Larus). — DF

muf-o: muff (for hands); (tech.) casing, box. — DER

mufl-o: (chem.) muffle. Def.: Speco di vazo (ek argilo) en qua on pozas objekti submisenda nedirete a l’efiko di la fairo; III-530. — DEFIS

muflon-o: (zool.) mouflon; species of wild sheep (Ovis Musimon). — DEFIS

«mufti»: mufti: Mohammedan official.

muj-ar: (intr.) to bellow, roar (winds, waves, thunder, cannon) (cf. bramar). — FIS

muk-o: mucus; -ozo: mucus membrane (cf. pituito, mucilajo). Def.: Humoro normale sekretaca da la membrani dicata mukozi; IV-585. — EFIS

mul-o, -ino, -ulo: mule; -(dukt)isto: muleteer. — EFIRS

mulat-o, -ulo, -ino: mulatto (cf. mestico, hibrido). Def.: Genetito da blankulo e negrino (o negro e blankino); V-33. — DEFIRS

muld-ar: (tr.) to form a mold (mould) of, as in sand, in which to make a casting; (fig.) -ar su: to mold, model oneself. V. exp.: En giserio, on unesme muldas: to esas ago donar justa formo ad la sablo o l’argilo en qua on varsos la fuzita metalo. Por la muldo on uzas la muld-ilo ek ligno, fero, e.c. Duesme on gisas la fuzita metalo en la mulduro; III-82. — EFIS

mulier-o: woman (adult) (cf. viro, homino). — DEFL

mult-a: (of number) many, numerous; (of quantity) much; -o: a lot, a large quantity; -i: many (in number); -a homuli: many men; -a vino: much wine; -eso, -opl-eso: multiplicity; -opl-a, -o: manifold, multiple; (plu-) -igar: to multiply: make more numerous (for math. sense, cf. multiplikar); -igo: multiplication; -eskar: to become more numerous; -a-tempe: many a time; -a-forma: multiform; -a-flora: multiflorous: many-flowered; -e plu bone: much better, a great deal better; -a-sorta, speca: many kinds of, many species of; -a-kolora: multi-colo(u)red, many colored; plu o min multe: more or less. Ant. Poka. — EFIR

multiform-a: (math.) multiform. — DEFIS

multimedi-a*: multimedia: using or involving several forms of communication or expression.

multiplik-ar: (tr., arith.) to multiply; -endo: multiplicand. — DEFIS

multipol-a*: (math.) multipolar.

mulur-o: (arch.) moulding (cf. kornico). — FS

mumi-o: mummy; -igar: to mummify. — DEFIRS

mung-ar (su): to blow one’s nose, to wipe one’s nose. — L

municion-o, -i: ammunition, munition (of war); -furgono: caisson. — DEFIRS

municip-o: municipality; -estro: mayor (of a city) (cf. urb-estro). — DEFIRS

munt-ar: (tr., tech.) to put together, assemble, set up, mount (a machine, a gem). V. exp.: On asemblas planki o peci, on ne muntas li. On muntas mashino o karpenturo, asemblante lua peci; IV-598. — DEFIRS

mur-o: wall; -ego: thick or large wall (as of a city, a fort); -ala: mural; -izar, -klozar: to wall up, immure; -armoro: cupboard (in a wall); -papero: wallpaper. — EFIS

muren-o: (ichth.) muraena, moray (Muraena helena). — EFIS

murmur-ar: (intr.) to murmur: make a low, continued noise; (of water) to purl; (of wind) to breathe, whisper, rustle; (of bees) to hum; -(ach)ar: (tr.) to mumble, mutter: utter indistinctly (N.B. for sense of «to whisper» cf. susurar). — DEFIS

mus-o: mouse (also computor implement); -ea, -griza: m. colo(u)red, m. gray (grey) (colored); -truo: m. hole; -eyo: m. nest; -kapt-ilo: m. trap. — DERL

musaren-o: (zool.) shrew-mouse (genus: Sorex). — FI

musaren-o: (zool.) shrew (sorex).

mush-o: (ent.) fly; -eto: small fly, midge; -kapt-ilo: f. catcher; para- -o: f. screen; -snaper-o*: (orni.) flycatcher (Muscicapa). — FIRS

musk-o: (bot.) moss; -oza: mossy, moss-grown. — FI

muskad-o: nutmeg; -iero: nutmeg tree (Myristica fragrans). — DFIRS

muskat-o: muscat grape; -vino: muscatel (wine). — DEFIRS

musket-o: matchlock (musket); -iero: musketeer, mousquetaire. — DEFIRS

musketon-o: musketoon: an ancient musket.

muskul-o: (anat.) muscle; -ala: muscular (system, etc.); -oza: muscular: brawny; -aro: musculature; -eso: muscularity. — DEFIRS

musl-o: common (or, edible) mussel (Mytilus edulis) (cf. molusko). — DEF

muslin-o: (fabric) muslin. — DEFIRS

muson-o: monsoon. Def.: Vento qua suflas de esto a westo dum duimo di l’yaro, ed inverse dum l’altra duimo; II-643. DEFIRS

must-ar: (intr.) must, to have to, to be under the necessity of, be obliged; (past tense) had to; me mustas ridar, vidante ta spektaklo: I had to laugh, seeing that spectacle (i.e., I could not do otherwise). V. exp.: Mustar expresas neceseso absoluta (sen-kondiciona) e nerezistebla; VI-487; kp. darfar, oportar. Ex.: Sur ta glitiganta planko-sulo, me mustis falar. Quante richa il mustas esar. Me mustas facar equivalas: esas necesa ke me facez. Quon on mustas facar por enirar en la cielo? Il ne povas venar kun me, il mustas laborar. — DE

mustard-o: (condiment) mustard; -uyo: mustard pot. — DEFIRS

mut-a, -(ul)o: dumb, mute: destitute of the power of speech (cf. tac-anta); -ega, stone-muta: stone dumb. — EFIS

mutac-ar: (tr., biol.) to mutate; -o: mutation. — DEFIS

mutil-ar: (tr.) to mutilate, maim. Ex.: Mutilar membro di la korpo. (fig.) Mutilar la verseso, la poemo. — EFIS

muton-o: a sheep; -i: sheep; (fig.) small, compact masses of white fleecy clouds (which move across the sky like a flock of sheep); -ino: ewe; -ulo: ram; -karno: mutton; -atra: sheep-like; woolly, fleecy; -eyo, -stablo: sheep-fold; -felo: sheepskin; -shultro: shoulder of mutton; pastoro di -i: shepherd. — EFI

mutual-a: mutual. Ex.: Societo di mutual sokurso (E. benefit society). Mutuala asekurerio. V. exp.: Mutuala, reciproka: Mutuala aplikesas nur a la sociala institucuri di «reciproka» helpo, sokurso, e.c.; IV-162. — DEFIS

muz-o: (myth., also fig.) Muse. — DEFIRS

muze-o: museum, — DEFIRS

muzel-o: (anat.) snout, muzzle (of animals); (fig.) pout, pouting; facar -o: to pout, stick out the lips; -ligar: to muzzle; -lig-ilo: a muzzle; -floro: (bot.) snapdragon (Antirrhinum). Def.: La nazo e la boko di bestii, en qui ta du parti esas salienta (hundo, porko, e.c.); III-10. — EFI

muzik-ar: (intr.) to play music; -igar: to set to m.; -ajo: written music, score; -ala: musical, relating to m.; -ema: musical: fond of playing m.; -am-anta: m. loving; -isto, -ero: musician; -ologi-o: musicology. Note: A list of musical terms and abbreviations may be found IV-328-330. — DEFIRS

Muzikala Instrumenti Dijitala Interfaco (MIDI)*: MIDI (musical instrument digital interface).

myel-o: spinal-marrow, -cord. — G

myelin-o: (anat.) myelin. — DEF

myelit-o: (med.) myelitis: inflammation of spinal cord. — DEFIS

«mylord»: my lord.