Ido-English Dictionary : C

c: (mus.) do: first note of the diatonic scale.

ca (abbr. of ica): this (cf. (i)ta); -o: this; -i: these; ca-die: today; ca-hore: at this hour; ca-maniere: in this manner; ca-matine: this morning; ca-monate: during, in this month; ca-nokte: tonight; ca-tempe: at this time; ca-yare: in this year. Note: «This» in Ido is often translated by (i)ta, but when it is necessary to point out a near object or emphasize a particular object ica is used: Kad vu preferas ica od ita kavalo? When ica comes after two nouns, it refers to the latter, ita to the first. When necessary or desirable to indicate the gender of the object referred to, ica is preceded by the proper personal pronoun: ilca, ilci, elca, elci, olca, etc. Ex.: La Yuni e la oldi tre deziras lo: iti (la yuni), pro ke li pensas, ke ol amuzos li, ed ici (la oldi), pro ke li pensas, ke ol esos utila por li. Quon drinkas blanka vino ed elti drinkas nigra kafeo. — F

«cambium»: (bot.) cambium. — DEFIRSL

car-(ul)o: czar, tsar; -ino: czarina; -ido: child of c.; czarevitch; -ala: relating to the c. — DEFIRS

c.e.: (=co esas) i.e. (that is to say).

cecidi-o: (bot.) cecidium: a gall on plants caused by infection from insects, etc.

ced-ar: (tr.) to cede, yield (up); give (up); to assign (property) (cf. alienar); -o: yielding, relinquishment; -ema: conciliatory; -ebla: transferable, assignable; -ario: grantee, assignee. — EFIS

cedili-o: (gram.) cedilla. — DEFIRS

cedr-o: (bot.) cedar (-tree). — DEFIRS

cedrat-o: (fruit) cedrate: a kind of citron (cf. citrono); -iero: c. tree; -konfit-ajo: candied c. — DEFIS

cedul-o: cedula, private memorandum, note — EFIRS

cefalopod-o: (zool.) cephalopod. — DEFIS

cek-o: (anat.) caecum. — EFIRS

cel-ar: (tr.) to hide, secrete, conceal, keep secret; -ita: hidden, clandestine; -e, -eme: secretly, by stealth; -etar, -achar: (intr.) to be sly, affect mystery; -ach-em-(ul)o: a sly or mysterious person; cele pafar: to shoot from cover; celo-trovo: (game) hide and seek; ludar ye celo-trovo: to play at hide-and seek. Ant.: revelar, montrar, divulgar. — EFIS

celebr-ar: (tr.) to celebrate, commemorate. Ex.: Celebrar mariajo, funero, jubileo, aniversario, meso; III-199. — DEFIS

celeri-o: (bot.) celery. — DEFR

celib-a: celibate, unmarried; -o, -ulo, -ino: a c.; -eso: celibacy, single life; -ul-eyo: bachelor's room(s). — DEFIS

celofan-o: (2001) cellophane. — DEFIRS

celul-o: cell: small room in convent, prison, etc.; small cavity (as in a honey-comb); -ala, -oza: cellular, cellulous. — DEFIRS

celuloid-o: celluloid. — DEFIRS

celulos-o: cellulose. — DEFIRS

cembr-o: (bot.) Swiss pine, stone pine (pinus cembra). — F

cement-o: cement: kind of mortar for building, as Portland c.; -izar: to c.; (of teeth) to fill a cavity with c. — DEFIRS

cementac-ar: (tr., metall.) to cement: to convert iron into steel, to case-harden; -o: cementation. — DEFIRS

cen-o: scene, scenery (theat.); -ala: scenic: theatrical, dramatic; -eyo: stage; -o-plano, -aro: scenario; en- -igar: to put (ulo) on the stage; la -o chanjas: the s. changes; la -o esas en Roma: the s. is in Rome. — DEFIRS

cenobit-o: a cenobite. — DEFIS

cenotafi-o: cenotaph. — DEFIS

cens-o: «cense»: amount of taxes, income, which entitles a person to vote; -o elektala: electoral qualification. Def.: La revenuo evaluata da la statal autoritati, sive por taxo, sive por ula yuro (elektiveso); III-137. — DEFIRS

censor-o: (Roman magistrate) censor. — DEFIRS

censur-ar: (tr.) to censure (mail, books, plays); -anto, -isto: censor. — DEFIRS

«cent»: (money) cent (pl. cent-i). — DEFIRS

cent-o: one hundred; (in reckoning interest or fractional parts) cent.; -opl-a, -o: centuple, a hundredfold; -imo: a hundredth part (for other derivatives cf. duo); -esma aniversario: centenary; -yara: centennial; -yar-ulo, -ino, -iero: centenarian; yar-cento: a century; mi-yar- -o: a half-century; tri po cento: three per cent. — DEFIRS

centaur-o: (aston., myth.) centaur. — DEFIRS

centaure-o: (bot.) centaury (Chlora perfoliata Centaurea). — EFIS

centezimal-a: centesimal (fraction, division). — DEFIRS

centi-: (prefix) (1995) cent- (one hundred). — EF

centiar-o: centiare: 1.196 sq. yd. — DEFIRS

centifoli-o: (bot.) cabbage-rose, centifolious rose (Rosa centifolia). — DEF

centigrad-o, -a: centigrade. — DEFIS

centigram-o: centigram. — DEFIRS

centilitr-o: centiliter (0.61028 — DEFIRS

centim-o: (Fr. money) centime; -serch-isto: pinch-penney, curmudgeon. — DEFIRS

centimetr-o: centimeter (0.3937 in.). — DEFIRS

centon-o: (mus., poet.) cento. — DEF

centr-o: (also fig.) center; -ala: central; -al-igar: to centralise; -al-ig(ad)o: centralization; -al-ig-anta, -ema: centralizing. — DEFIRS

centrifug-ar: (tr.) to act on something by centrifugal force; Def.: Agar, traktar per centrifugala forco; IV-199; -ala: centrifugal. — DEFIRS

centripet-ar: to bring about a centripetal force; -ala: centripetal. — DEFIRS

centrolecit-o: (biol.) centrolecith; -ala: centrolecithal. — DEFIRS

centrosfer-o: (biol.) centrosphere. — DEFIRS

centrosom-o: (biol.) centrosome. — DEFIRS

centuri-o: (Rom. hist.) century: division of 100 men. — DEFIRS

centurion-o: (hist.) centurion. — DEFIS

cep-o: (bot.) boletus edulis, esculent boletus. — F

ceptr-o: scepter. — DEFIRS

cer-o: wax-taper, church candle. — EFIS

ceramik-o: ceramics. — DEFIS

cerasti-o: (bot.) any of the carnations or pinks (family Caryophyllaceae).

cerat-o: (pharm.) cerate (ointment). — DEFIS

cerber-o: (myth. and fig.) Cerberus. — DEFIRS

cereal-a, -o: cereal. — DEFIS

cerebel-o: (anat.) cerebellum. — EFIS

cerebr-o: brain; -ala: cerebral; -ago: cerebration. — DEFIS

ceremoni-o: ceremony, formalities prescribed by authority or etiquette; -ala: ceremonial; -ema, -oza: ceremonious, formal; -ar: to conform to ceremony, ceremonial, etiquette; facar -i: to stand upon ceremonies. — DEFIRS

cerfoli-o: (bot.) chervil. — FIL

ceri-o: (chem.) cerium, chem. symbol Ce. — F

ceriz-o: cherry; -iero: c. tree; -ea: cerise, c. colored; -ier-eyo:c. orchard. — EFS

ceriz-laur-o: cherry-laurel, laurel-cherry; laurel bay (Cerasus (prunus) laurocerasus).

cern-ar: (tr., milit., and fig.) to make a circle or ring around, encircle, to beset on all sides, besiege, beleaguer, blockade, invest, hem in; to cut or dig around (a tree); okuli blu-cern-ita: eyes with dark circles. V.exp: Cernar ne esas simple cirkondar, ma enemike cirkondar ed enklozar, por kaptar. Vorto necesa, ne nur en milital arto, ma metefore en la komuna linguo; IV—9. — DF

cert-a: certain, sure, indubitable, positive; -e: certainly, surely, assuredly (cf. sen-dube); -ajo: a certainty; -eso: certitude, assurance; -igar: to certify: make certain, assure, guarantee; -igo: certification; -ig-ajo, -uro: certificate, testimonal; -ig-anto: certifier, guarantee. — EFIS

certen-a: (1954) certain. — EF

certi-o: (2001) (orni.) tree creeper.

certifik-ar: (tr.) to certify. — EFIS

cerumen-o: cerumen; ear-wax. — DEFIS

ceruz-o: ceruse: white-lead. Def.: Sub-karbato di plombo, uzata kom farbo blanka; IV-2. — EFIS

cerv-o: deer; -ino: hind, roe; -ulo: stag, hart; -yuno: young d. — FIRS

ces: (mus.) C flat.

ces-ar: (tr., intr.) to cease; to come to an end, leave off, stop; -igar: to put a stop or an end to, discontinue; -o: cessation; -igo: discontinuation; sen- -a: unceasing. — EFIS

cesi-o: (chem. elem.) caesium. — DEFIRS

cest-o: (Rom. antiq.) cestus. — DEFI

cetace-o: (zool.) cetacean animal. — DEFIS

ceter-o, -i: rest, remainder; -e: besides, moreover, for that matter, in other respects; e ceter-i, -e: (e.c.) et cetera (etc.) — L.

cezar-o: caesar, emperor. — DEFIRS

Cezar-ala: Caesarean; -ismo: Caesarism; -ala operaco: C. operation.

cezur-o: (verse) caesura. — DEFIS

chagren-ar: (intr.) to grieve, to have sorrow; -igar: to grieve, render gloomy, sadden; -o: grief, sorrow: mental suffering (cf. doloro); -anta: sorrowful, sad. Ant. chagreno: joyo, gayeso. — F

chak-o: (milit. headdress) shako. — DEF

chaket-o: «jacquet»; a kind of backgammon. — FS

chalaz-o: (bot., embryol.) chalaza. — DE

chalenj-o: challenge-cup (N.B. not the E. «challenge» (cf. defio). Def.: (Premio en) konkurso en qua la premio ne donesas, ma prestesas dum tempo a la vinkinto, til ke altra partiso vinkas ica e konquestas la premio; VII-198. — F

cham-o: (zool.) chamois (Rupicapra tragus); -o-pelo: shammy-skin, chamois-leather; -ea: shammy color, buff. — EF

chamad-o: chamade: trumpet or drum signal for parley. — DEFR

chamar-o: (coat) polonaise. Def.: Speco di redingoto kun transversa kordoni avane, polona vesto de revolucional epoko dil XIX yarcento; V-222. — S

chambelan-o: chamberlain. — EFIS

chambr-o: chamber, room; (fig.) a house of parliament; -eto: small room; -aro: rooms (collect.), a suite; -o mobl-iz-ita: a furnished room; -o di komerco: c. of commerce; -o di deputati: c. of deputies; -o-robo: dressing-gown; -o-serv-isto: valet; -o-(serv)ist-ino: chambermaid; manjo- -o: dining room; balno- -o: bath-room. — EFI

champani-o: champagne (wine). — DEFIRS

champinion-o: (1926) mushroom, champignon. — F

champion-o: champion; -eso: championship; -o per libereso: c. of liberty; lukto- -o: c.wrestler. — DEF

chanc-o: (good or bad) chance, luck, fortune; possibility; la -i di milito: the fortunes of war; probar la -o: to run the risk, take a chance; la -i di morto en la diversa evi: the chances (probabilities) of death at different ages. — DEFI

chanfren-o: face of a horse (or other animal, from ears to nostrils). Def.: Avana parto di kapo di kavalo; VII-198. — EF

chanj-ar: (tr., intr.) to change, shift (cf. kambiar, permutar, alterar); -ebla, -ema: changeable, mutable, fickle. Def.: Substitucar ula kozo ad altra en un sama loko o funciono, anke prenar un kozo vice altra, o pos altra; VII-203. Ulo chanjas, kande, restante la sama esence, ol recevas altra stando, figuro, o qulaeso; III-37. Ex.: Me chanjas mea vesti. Me chanjas la tapiso. El chanjas sua kofio. On chanjas sua fako, vagono, treno, lojeyo (co nule signifikas ke on alteras ta kozi o transformas li; on livas li generale nealterita). Ant.: mantenar, restar, konservar. — EFI

chankr-o: (med.) chancre. — DEFR

chant-o: the small side or edge of a large flat body; libro pozita sur chanto: a book placed on end or edge. Def.: Laterala, streta edro di korpo larja e plata; III-420. — DF

chap-o: ferrule, cap; (ch. vest) cope; (arch.) coping. — DFS

chapel-o: hat (with brim all around, for man or woman); -uyo, -buxo: hat-holder, -box; -if-isto: hat-maker; -vend-isto: hat-seller; -levo, -saluto: a lifting of hat; deprenar la -o: to take off, remove the hat; -o tri-korna: a three-cornered hat; klerik- -o: clerical hat. — FI

chapitr-o: chapter (of a book). — DEFIRS

chaplet-o: chaplet, rosary. — I

char-o: (antiq.) chariot; (modern) a two-wheeled cart or a four-wheeled ornamented car; -eto: any light two-wheeled cart, jaunting-car, cariole; -edo: cart-load; dukt-isto: carter; -(et)agar: to cart (ulo); bovo- -o: ox-cart; funerala -o: hearse; triumfala -o: triumphal car. — DEFIS

chariot-o: good van, truck: four-wheeled sided wagon for carrying goods; -agar: to cart, truck. Def.: Kargo-veturo kun quar roti; IV-66. — F

charj-ar: (tr.) to load, burden (somebody or something with something), to load (a gun), lade (a vehicle); charjo-bestio: beast of burden; -eg-ita: overloaded; super- -ar: to overload. V. exp.: On kargas vari sur veturo e charjas veturo per vari; V-66. — EFIS

charm-ar: (tr.) to charm: delight, captivate, enchant (cf. ravisar, facinar, sorcar); -o, -eso: charm, enchantment; -anto, -ero: charmer; -anta, -iva: charming, delightful, pleasing; -egar: to ravish, greatly enchant. — EF

charnir-o: hinge (of a door, a box, etc.); (mechan.) joint (as compasses); universal -o: (mechan.) universal joint (cf. gondo). — DFIRS

chart-o: charter: document granting special rights or privileges. — DEFIRS

chas-ar: (tr., intr.) to chase: hunt; -ajo: game; -ant-aro: hunting party; -er-ino: huntress; -fusilo: fowling-piece; -gard-isto: gamekeeper; -hundo: hunting-dog. — EFIS

chast-a: chaste: untainted by lewdness; (fig.) refined, pure (in taste, style); -eso: chastity. — EFIS

chazubl-o: (eccl.) chasuble. — EF

che (prep.) at, to, in (somebody's house, home, or place), with (to indicate customs); che la bakisto: at the baker's; venez che me: come to my house; hiere me esis che mea onklulo: yesterday I was at my uncle's; che la Spartani esis kustumo expozar febla infanti: it was customary with the Spartans to expose weakly infants. — F

chef-o: chief, leader, head; -a: chief (of things; cf. precipua); -ala: chief's, relating to the leader; chief; -eso: (position, authority) leadership; -esar: to be chief, be in command; -injerioro: chief engineer; -a klefo: master-key; -kontrolisto: superintendent, comptroller, overseer; -ministro: prime minister, premier; -sacerdoto: chief priest; -urbo: chief town, capital (cf. metropolo). — DEFRS

chek-o: (bank-) check, cheque; -o-kayero: c. book. — DEFRS

Chekoslovaki-a: (2001) Czechoslovakia; Chek-o: Czech.

chelat-o: (helmet) sallet. Def.: Speco di kasko uzata en la mezepoko e XVIma yarcento; IV-523. — EFIS

cher-a: dear (in price), costly; -eso: dearness, high price; (plu-) -igar: to cause (ulo) to raise in price; -eskar: to become, grow dearer. Def.: Multe kustanta; IV-690. Ant. chipa. — FIS

cherp-ar: (tr.) to draw liquids (cf. rakar); (fig.) to take, borrow. Ex.: Cherpar aquo de fonto, de rivero. Cherpar vino de barelo. La autoro cherpas peco de altra autoro. — R

chevron-o: (arch.) chevron (fig.) any inverted V-shaped object, as a rafter. — EFRS

chifchaf-o: (2001) (orni.) chiffchaff, European warbler.

chifr-ar: (tr.) to write in secret cipher (cf. kriptografar); -o: cipher: secret mode of writing; des- -ar: to translate from cipher (cf. dechifrar). V. exp.: Chifrar expresas l'ago kompozar kriptografuro, t.e. sekreta texto, qua tradukas la vera texto per ula moyeno o regulo nomita klefo. Dechifrado ne esas l'inversa ago di chifrar, ma la deskrovo di la klefo e la traduko di la kriptografuro; V-402. — DEF

chig-o: (ent.) chigoe, jigger (Sarcopsylla penetrans). — EFS

chik-a: chic, stylish and original, natty, smart; -eso: chic, knack, skill, address (in doing anything); originality and taste (as in dress). — DEFR

chil-o: (physiol.) chyle. — DEFIRS

chim-o: (physiol.) chyme. — DEFIRS

(zool.) chimpanzee. — DEFIRS

chinchil-o: (2001) chinchilla (South American rodent). — DEFIRS

Chini-a: China; -ana: Chinese; -ano: Chinese person.

Chini-inko: Indian-ink.

chinion-o: chignon: back hair of a woman. — DEF

chip-a: cheap, low (in price). Def.: Poke kustanta; IV-690. Ant.: chera. — E

chitin-o: (biol.) chitin. — DEFIS

chitozamin-o: (chem.) chitosamine.

choan-o: (anat.) choana(e); posterior nasal aperture.

chokolad-o: chocolate. — DEFIRS

chom-ar: (tr., intr.) to be out of work, to suspend work on, to rest from work; -(ad)o: remaining idle from want of work; -eso: (state) cessation or want of work. Ex.: On chomas la sundii. La laboristi chomas pro blokal exkluzo. — F

chopin-o: a beer glass (containing about a pint); (fig.) a pint; -edo: a pintful. — DE

chose-o: roadway, causeway, travelling part (for horses, carriages, etc.). — DF

chuv-o: (orni.) jackdaw ((Corvus monedula).

cian-o: (chem.) cyanogen; -a acido: cyanic acid. — DEF

cianat-o: (chem.) cyanate.

cianhidr-a: cianhydric, hydrocyanic, prussic.

cianid-o: (2001) cyanide.

ciatik-a: sciatic; -nevralgio: sciatica.

cibernetik-o: (2001) cybernetics. — DEFIRS

ciberspac-o: cyberspace: the realm of electronic communication.

cibol-o: (bot.) cibol, a kind of onion. (Allium fistulosum). — DEFIRS

cibori-o: (eccl.) pyx, ciborium. — DEFI

cicisbe-o: cicisbeo. Def.: Amoranto di siorino, qua esas quaze oficale agnoskata e servas el publike; V-621. — DEFIRS

cidro: cider. — DEFIRS

ciel-o: (pr. and fig.) sky, heaven; -ala: celestial, heavenly; danko a la -o: thanks to heaven, to God! -blua: sky-blue; -skrap-ero: sky-scraper; -vulto: the celestial vault. — FIS

cienco: science; -ala: scientific; -oz-(ul)o, isto: scientist, savant; learned or erudite person in any branch of knowledge; -ist-acho: pedant; -oz-ega: most learned. Def.: Savo exakta e sistemigita pri ula temo o grupo di temi, qua relatas la arti libera (gramatiko, logiko, muziko, e.c.). — EFIS

cifr-o: digit (1, 2, 3, 4; I, II, III, etc.); -o-plako: dial-plate (with numbers; cf. skalo-plato); -eto: small number at side of a larger number, as 32. Def.: Tipo o signo qua reprezentas nombro (Araba o Romana). — DEFIRS

cigan-o: gipsy. — DFIR

cign-o: swan; -eto, -yuno: cygnet; -o-kanto:; -o-kolo: s.neck. — EFIS

cikad-o: (ent.) cicada. — DEFIRS

cikatr-o: scar, cicatrice: mark remaining from wound or ulcer; -igar, -eskar: to cicatrize. — EFIS

cikl-o: cycle: time period; velocipede. — DEFIRS

ciklamen-o: (bot.) cyclamen. — DEFIS

ciklid-o: (geom.) cyclide.

ciklit-o: cyclitis. — DEFIS

cikloid-o: (geom.) cycloid. — DEFIRS

ciklometri-o: (math.) cyclometry. — DEF

ciklon-o: cyclone, tornado, typhoon; a violent rotary wind. — DEFIRS

ciklop-o: (myth. and fig.) Cyclops. — DEFIRS

ciklos-o: (biol.) cyclosis.

ciklotron-o: (2001) cyclotron. — DEFIRS

cikoni-o: (orni.) stork (genus: Cyconia). — FISL

cikori-o: (bot.) chicory (Cichorium). — DEFIRS

cikut-o: (bot. tree or poison) hemlock (Conium maculatum and species of Cicuta). — L

cili-o: eyelash; (biol.) cilium; -ala: ciliary; -iz-ita: ciliated.

ciliar-o: (anat.) ciliary.

cilic-o: cilice: haircloth (worn in mortification). — DEFIS

cilindr-o: (geom., tech.) cylinder; -a, -ala, -atra: cylindrical; -oido: cylindroid. — DEFIRS

cim-o: (ent.) (bed-)bug (Cimex lectularius). — IL

cimas-o: (arch.) cyma, ogee. — DEFIS

cimbal-o: (mus. instr.) cymbal. — DEFRS

cimitar-o: scimitar, Oriental saber. — EFIS

cinabr-o: cinnabar; (in the Fine Arts) vermilion; -ea, -o-reda: vermilion colored. — DEFIRS

cinam-o: cinnamon (bark); -iero: c. tree; -vino: hippocras. — DER

cindr-o: ash(es), cinders (of coal); embers (of wood); dust: remains of the dead (cf. eskarbilo; -ea: ash colored; -o-blonda: pale ashburn; -oza, -atra: ashy; -uyo: ash-holder, -pan, -box; -igar: to reduce (ulo) to ashes, incinerate (cf. kremacar; -igo: incineration; -izar: to cover with ashes; -o-merkurdio: Ash-Wednesday. — EFI

cinekamer-o: (2001) movie camera. — DEFIRS

cinem-o: popular abbr. for cinematografilo or, more especially, a moving-picture theater, cinema, picture-house.

cinematik-o: (physics) kinematics. — DEFIRS

cinematograf-ar: (tr., intr.) to show moving pictures; -uro: moving picture; -ilo: kinetoscope, bioscope, cinematograph.

cinerari-o: (bot.) cineraria (Cineraria). — DEFIS

cinetik-o, -a: kinetic (energy). — DEFIRS

cinez-o: (biol.) cinesis.

cinik-o: cynic; -a, -ala, -atra: cynical; -eso: cynicism. — DEFIS

cinkl-o: (2001) (orni.) dipper (bird). — F

cinocefal-o: (zool.) cynocephalus: dog-faced baboon (family: Cynocephalus). — EFIS

cintil-o: spark (of fire); sparkle (of anything shining or vivid); -ifar: to emit sparks, to shine brightly, glitter, glisten, sparkle, flash, twinkle, scintillate. — EFIS

cipo: (arch.) cippus: small pillar or column. — DEFIRS

cipres-o: (bot.) cypress(-tree) (genus: Cupressus). — DEFIRS

ciprin-o: (ichth.) cyprinoid, scientific name for the carp: genus: Cyprinus. — EFIS

ciraj-o: polish (as for boots), (boot-)blacking; -izar: to black or polish (boots); -iz-isto: bootblack. — FIS

circinata: circinate, rolled up like a young fern leaf. — EFS

cirk-o: circus; -o-kavalo: c. horse. — DEFIRS

cirkl-o: circle (cf. rondo); -a, -ala, -atra: circular, round; -o-kurvo, periferio: circumference of a c.; quadratigo di la -o: squaring of c.; jirar -e: to turn in a c. — EFIRS

cirkonciz-ar: (tr.) to circumcise; -o: circumcision; -ita, -ito: circumcised (person). — EFIS

cirkond-ar: (tr.) to surround, embrace, encompass (cf. cernar); -anta: surrounding; -ata, -ita: surrounded, enclosed; -anti: (fig.) confidants, friends, relations; Ex.: Me vidas oldi cirkondita da infanti.

cirkonflex-a, -o: circumflex (accent). — DEFIS

cirkonspekt-a: circumspect, wary, cautious; -e: cautiously. V. exp.: Cirkonspekta ne esas simple prudenta, ma predenteso desfidema, qua «regardas cirkum su», konsideras omna lateri od elementi ante decidar od agar; III-199. Ant.: sen-reflekta, ne-atenc-ema. — EFIS

cirkonstanc-o: circumstance: a fact, occurence, or condition attending something else; -ala: circumstantial; -i tenu-ig-anta: extenuating circumstances. — EFIS

cirkonvalacion-o: (fort.) circumvallation. — EFIRS

cirkonvolucion-o: circumvolution; that which is rolled around something (cf. parafrazo). — EFIS

cirkuit-o: circuit: circumference, compass; roundabout way; (Eng. and U.S.) circuit (of judges); kurta -o: (elec.) short c. Ex.: La cirkuito di ca urbo esas kin kilometri. Irar en cirkuito. — EFIS

cirkul-ar: (intr.) to circulate: to move around, to flow in a circuitous channel; (of money, etc.) to pass from hand to hand; -igar: to cause to c., move around; (money) put into circulation, issue. Ex.: La sango cirkulas en la korpo. La tero cirkulas cirkum la suno. Cirkulado di idei. — DEFIRS

cirkuler-o: circular (letter, notice). — DEFIRS

cirkum, -e: (prep., adv.) around, about, roundabout (place, time, quantity) (cf. proxim); -ajo, -aji: surroundings, environment, frame, setting (cf. medio); -irar: (tr., intr.) to go or wind around (as an obstacle); -iro, -turno: circuitous way, detour; -klozar: (tr.) to fence around, inclose; -lekar: to lick around (one's chops), (fig.) to gloat over; -muro: inclosure-wall; -navig-(ad)o: circumnavigation; -pola: circumpolar; -skribar: (tr., geom.) to circumscribe; -vicina, -jac-anta: circumjacent. Ex.: Vu mustas vartar cirkume un horo. Vi departos cirkum tri kloki. El spensis cirkume duadek dollar-i. Me promenis en la tre interesant cirkumajo. — L

cirkumnutacion-o: (bot.) circumnutation.

cis: (prep.) on this side of (anything); -e: this side; -a: hither; -alpa: cisalpine; - la ponto: on this side of the bridge. Ant.: trans. — L

cis: (mus.) C sharp.

cisoid-o: (math.) cissoid. — DEF

cistercian-o: (monk) Cistercian.

cistern-o: cistern, tank (for storing rain-fall). — DEFIRS

cit-ar: (tr.) to cite, quote; -(ad)o: citing, citation (act); -ajo: text cited, citation; -ato: author cited; -o-hoketo: quotation mark. V. exp.: On citas autoro repetante lua paroli o texto; on mencionas autoro o libro, kande on nomas li sen citar li. On referas ad autoro, libro, e.c. kande on indikas la loko, en qua trovos ulo aludata o benzonata. On alegas fakti, argumenti, atesti, motivi, por pruvar o por justifikar ulo; II-647. — DEFIRS

citadel-o: (also fig.) citadel. — DEFIRS

citar-o: (antiq. music) cithara, cithern. — DEFIRS

citiz-o: (bot.) cytisus. — DEFIRS

citod-o: (biol.) cytode.

citodierez-o*: (biol.) cytodieresis, mitosis.

citokin-o: (2001) cytokine. — DEFIRS

citologi-o: (biol.) cytology.

citoplasm-o: (biol.) cytoplasm.

citotropism-o: (biol.) cytotropism.

citrat-o: (2001) citrate. — DEFIRS

citron-o: (fruit) citron, lime (cf. limono, cedrato); - iero: citron-tree, lime-tree (Citrus); -suko: lime-juice; -liquoro: citron-water (cf. limonado). — DEF

citrus-o: (2001) citrus (plant). — DEFRS

civet-o: (zool.) civet-cat: (Viverra zibetha). — DEFIRS

civil-a: civil: pertaining to a citizen and his rights (not milit., or criminal); lay (opposed to ecclesiastical); -(ul)o: civilian; -a kodexo: c. code; -a mariajo: c. marriage; -a stando: civil condition: social state of persons, whether married or single, living or dead, etc. Def.: Civila stando: Ensemblo di la docukumenti, relativa a la sociala stando di singla civitani. IV-706. — DEFIRS

civiliz-ar: (tr.) to civilize; -eso: civilization: state of advancement in the arts and sciences (cf. kulturo). — DEFIRS

civism-o: civism: civic spirit; -ala: civic. V. exp.: Civismo esas devoteso di homo a sua sam-civitani o sam-statani; patriotismo: esas devoteso, amo a patrio. — DEFIS

civit-o: city: the older, most ancient part of a town (cf. urbo); -ano: citizen; -an-eso: citizenship; -an-igar: to confer the rights of a citizen (cf. nacion-al-igar): -an-igo: naturalization; -an-ala milito: civil war; -an-ala yuro: common law. — IS

ciz-o: scissors; -ego: shears; -agar: (tr.) to scissor, shear. — EFI

cizel-ar: (tr.) to chisel, chase; -ilo: chisel; kava -ilo: gouge (cf. skultar). — DEFIRS

co: cf. ca.

«conquistador»: conquistador: conqueror of Spanish America.

«corpus juris»: (jur.) corpus juris: body of the law.

CPU: CPU: centrala-procesanta-unajo (di komputoro).